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10 powerful marketing techniques that keep online gaming platforms thriving

Online gaming is an industry with millions of fans and critics. Those who support the industry have gambled or considered doing it at least once.

Online gaming is an industry with millions of fans and critics. Those who support the industry have gambled or considered doing it at least once. By contrast, critics of the industry wished it just didn’t exist.

But being a forward-thinking industry, online casinos hire highly skilled marketers to keep people interested in their services. Below are 10 of the most successful marketing techniques online gaming companies use.

Social Media Marketing

Over three billion people own social media accounts. About 2.7 billion of them are on Facebook. In many cases, social network users own multiple accounts but that’s alright. Online gaming companies market their services on all major social networks, and it has proven to work.

Social media marketing not only helps gaming companies reach out to new audiences but it also increases traffic on their websites. Traffic in return helps create more sales for the businesses.

Some companies prefer to use Twitter due to success as a marketing tool while others love Instagram’s visual impact. Facebook is a must-use network thanks to its vast community while others like Pinterest and Snapchat also help expand a company’s reach.

Bonus Promotions

Among all online businesses that give out freebies to customers, none come close to online gambling companies. With the best Leeuwslots casinos, players earn free spins and betting money for signing up. They get more rewards after their first deposit, their second, third, fourth or up to their fifth deposit to the casino.

Besides deposit bonuses, players also earn weekly free spins, card games’ free money and cashbacks on their daily losses. You can claim all these bonuses from top UK casinos with free spins no deposit bonuses but only pick offers with the best terms.

Casinos impose terms like how much you can withdraw after playing with their free spins or what you should do to withdraw the money. If the terms are prohibitive, it might cost you too much money to get a payout. As such, read casinos’ fine prints before you pick any of their gifts.

Sponsorships and Endorsements

A Harvard University study recently noted that celebrity promotions increase a brand’s sales by at least 4% compared to products with no endorsers. Celebrity endorsements also help gaming companies tremendously.

Although you might not believe a celebrity can influence your decisions, millions of people love to copy famous people. Legendary baseball player Baby Ruth is believed to be one of the earliest celebrities to get paid to endorse something. While Ruth probably got paid a few thousand dollars, modern day stars earn millions for endorsements

In the Premier League, sports sponsorships earned premier league clubs over £200 million in the 2018/19 season.  The biggest payouts didn’t come from gaming companies. But West Ham, Everton, Wolves and Burnley earned a combined £35 million from gambling companies.

 Referral Marketing

Paying people to market a product unsurprisingly works. That is why gaming companies consistently improves their referral marketing packages to spur more interest. The best gaming companies share up to 50% per ever £100 wagered by someone you referred to them.

There are hundreds of UK websites whose sole purpose is to refer people to gaming companies. Outside of the UK, websites like Kiwislots, Zamsino and Beaverslots offer the same service, helping millions of people around the world find great casinos.

The best part about referral marketing is that anyone can join the industry. Gaming platforms don’t restrict you to their services so long as you are over 18 years. You must also reside in a country where they operate. Other than that, you can sign up for the affiliate marketing services.

Appealing to Pop Culture

The modern digital market must keep up with trends to stay relevant. Gaming companies understand that fact and do a slew of things to appeal to pop cultured customers. First off, they now provide games themed after famous movies, songs and TV Shows.

From James Bond to the X-Factor Games, Assassins Creed to Thor—don’t get surprised if your favorite movie has a slot machine version. Of course, casinos don’t develop the games. They collaborate worth software developers to develop games that would appeal to modern customers.

Apart from movies, video games and sports have also become inspirations for casino games. From football to basketball, Hitman Body Guard to Fortnite, more than 20 slots were inspired by sports or video games.

Adopting Technology Fast

Being quick to adopt new technological innovation has always helped gaming companies appeal to geeks.  When Bitcoin launched, for instance, its fans constantly looked out for ways to use the cryptocurrency.

Apart from the black market industry, the only other sector that accepted Bitcoin in its early days was the gambling industry. That exposure led lots of people to join casinos and use up the then new payment method.

Over the years, gaming companies have been quick to embrace inventions like mobile gaming, AR, Twitch Streaming and chatbots. In many cases, the earliest companies to adopt these innovations have gone to become exceedingly popular among players.

Providing Exclusive Services

Adopting innovations is something the entire gaming industry is famous for. Offering new Lamborghinis, exotic vacations and ridiculously high payouts only come from a few special casinos. Yet, these exclusive offers are things that have made casinos hit headlines and double their fan bases overnight.

In many cases, casinos don’t have to give out millions worth of rewards to draw players’ attention. Providing relentless customer support, for instance, is something players appreciate. Structuring their websites to load in multiple languages also helps tailor their services to different players.

Unfortunately, many casinos don’t retain their exclusive services for long. Whether it’s the enormous cash rewards or personal customer support; only a few companies offer consistently good services in the long haul.

To Conclude

For an industry that faces sharp criticism regularly, the gaming sector is exceptionally resilient. It is also innovative and always looks out for ways to grow its reach. At times, it uses the most useful tools like social media. But to relate to its customers, online casinos stay up to date with trends and promote tailored offers.

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