11 of The Best Online Custom Logo Makers to Use For Your Business

11 of The Best Online Custom Logo Makers to Use For Your Business

You’ve got a lot of items to juggle when you’re getting your online business up and running.

One of those items is your logo.

Now you may feel like the logo for your company should be lower on your list of priorities. And while it’s true that providing a quality product is of vital importance, overlooking your logo could be a serious mistake.

After all, a logo is meant to reflect the values and personality of a company.

Think of some of the most famous company logos in the world: McDonald’s, Nike, Apple, etc. Think about how so much is communicated with designs that are so simple.

Your logo could have just as big of an impact on current and potential customers alike.

But first you need to create one.

That may sound like an intimidating task, especially if you lack design expertise.

Creating an effective and creative logo isn’t impossible, though. It might even be easier than you think.

You see, there are plenty of wonderful online custom logo makers out there for you to use.

Some are free; others do have a cost. But all can be used to create a unique logo, even if you’re not a designer.

Let’s take a look at some of the best logo makers available online.

1. GraphicSprings

Many online logo makers will automate the process, but GraphicSprings provides more of a hybrid approach. Input your company name and a tagline, and it will automatically generate a logo.

That’s not the end of the process, though. You can then edit that logo to your heart’s content.

All of this can be done in less than a minute if you want.

The GraphicSprings logo tool is free to use, but if you want to download and use the resulting logo, you’ll need to pay. The basic package starts at $19.99, but if you want more features, there are more expensive packages you can get.

2. Logojoy

Another easy to use logo maker is Logojoy. In three steps, you can have a logo ready to go.

Like GraphicSprings, this logo maker allows you to edit the image it generates for you. The tool even lays out different variations that you can choose from.

Once you have your logo just the way you want it, you’ll need to pay $20 to get the image file in basic resolution. You can get other options along with full ownership of the logo for a larger fee of $60. This also allows you to continue to make changes as often as you want.

3. TailorBrands

As one of the leading logo makers on the internet, TailorBrands has earned a reputation for helping people create unique logos.

Input your company name, detail what your audience is like, and then pick from a range of different types of logos. Do you want something initials-based, icon-based, or text-based? TailorBrands lets you decide.

Pricing starts off at only $2.99 per month for a subscription. Or you can get the premium package at $10.99.

4. TheFreeLogoMakers

If you need help getting started, TheFreeLogoMakers is another great resource to use.

Choose from a large number of elements to create a basic logo. Like others, this tool allows you to make further edits.

The tool is an easy one to get the hang of since it’s one of those drag-and-drop interfaces.

As the name suggests, you can use the tool for free, but if you want a high res download, you’ll need to pay $9.99.

5. Canva

One of the best free logo makers out there is Canva. Canva features online design software for a lot of different projects, logos being one of them.

Canva allows you to build your logo from scratch. While there are templates available, you don’t have to follow those.

If you have some elements of your own, you can upload those to your design. Otherwise, choose from Canva’s own assets.

Best of all, using Canva is free, although the paid version does give you access to more assets that you can use.

6. Logoshi

Logoshi is another logo creator that’s easy to use.

To get started, all you need to do is type in your business’s name and a slogan, then choose a color.

From there, Logoshi will automatically create a number of logos for you to look at.

That’s just the “standard” option. For more results, go with the “draw your logo” feature.

All you have to do is draw out a rough sketch of what you want your logo to look like. The tool then creates logos based on that sketch. It’s actually pretty neat how it works.

This does come at a cost. Downloading the resulting logo in high definition will cost you $49.

7. Ucraft

The Ucraft logo creating tool is a simple one to use. This tool presents you with lots of options, from icons to shapes to different fonts.

Take those elements and build a logo from the ground up.

The assets that Ucraft gives you are all free. There are no special fonts or designs that are locked behind a payment.

You do have to pay to get the download files for your logo, though. That’s a one-time cost of $12. The file will be sent to you with a transparent background, making it easy to use the logo with pretty much anything.

8. Logaster

The logo maker tool from Logaster starts you off with a series of templates you can choose from.

You don’t have to stick with every element of the template. Modify them as you want and create something unique.

The intuitive interface makes everything easy to use. If you want, you can make your new logo in only a few minutes.

Once you’re done, you’ll get a small logo with watermarks for free. To get other formats and the high resolution download files, you’ll have to pay $9.99.

9. Cool Text

The Cool Text logo maker is different from other tools because it focuses strictly on text.

No messing around with images, shapes, icons, or other elements.

If you want your logo to be only text, this is a good tool to use.

Just select a style and put in your company name. You can also change up the result with different colors, alignment, and shading.

In terms of logo makers, this might just be one of the easiest to use. Plus it’s free.

10. Logo Genie

Logo Genie allows you to pick the type of logo you would like to create. So if you want a font-based logo, it will have templates for that. Prefer an icon-based logo? They’ll have those kinds of templates too.

After selecting from hundreds of possibilities, you can then edit your logo how you want.

Unlike other tools, Logo Genie lets you pick and choose the features you want in a pricing package, which starts at $19.90.

You can also download your logo in a number of different formats like PNG, JPG, EPS, and others.

11. DesignMantic

The DesignMantic tool starts off with a 4-step process. You choose a logo type (lettermark, abstract, or symbol). Then you choose a font type (script, serif, or sans serif). Then you pick how many colors you want. Finally, you put the company name and industry.

The tool then generates logos fitting your description.

Choose one that you think fits your company the best, then edit it until it’s perfect.

Prices can get a little costly for this one. A basic logo will run you $37, but you can pay as much as $197 if you want the total branding package. That one includes business cards, cover designs, and other items.

Create a Logo You’ll Be Proud to Show Off

You don’t have to pay a design team a lot of money to come away with a great logo.

As is usually the case, the secret to the perfect logo can be found on the internet.

The best logo design software needs to be easy to use. Luckily, the above choices fit that description just right.

An effective logo helps to identify your company. It shows what you’re all about and sets expectations for customers.

It also defines what your brand is.

Strong branding through a great logo can turn your sales funnel into a real powerhouse.

When you combine that strong brand with ClickFunnels, success will be waiting just around the corner.

Don’t let the challenge of designing a logo stop you from doing it.

With the right logo maker, you’ll be able to create one you can be proud of. And it might only take you a few minutes.

Look at the above logo makers and select one that you think will be the best fit for you.

Each comes with its own set of features. Some are free. Others you’ll have to pay for, but nothing too pricey.

Take all these factors into consideration and make a choice.

Before long, you’ll have a logo that shows the world what you have to offer.

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