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5 tips for choosing a perfect vanity unit for your London home

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With London property prices on the increase, many people are ever eager to make improvements to their home to either increase its price, or as an alternative to moving home.

In fact, you may be about to purchase a new home which needs modernisation, however it is often the bathroom that is the one room in the house that most people are going to want to update and improve, and as such today I am going to pass onto you five tips for choosing the perfect vanity unit for your London home.

First of all I would like to thank Letta London for letting me visit their Vanity Unit Showroom in London for me to come up with this blog post for you. Feel free to visit their bathroom show room if you are in North London.

Be aware that cost is always going to be an important factor of any home improvements, and one should never compromise on quality, much more so regarding bathroom fixtures and fittings, for they will need to be hard wearing and last a good few years too, at the very least.

1. Understanding the Types of Vanity Units Available

One aspect of choosing a vanity unit is that you need to be fully aware of are the several different types that are available, and with that in mind allow me to now give you some ideas of just which types of vanity units that are available.

The first type of vanity unit is a fitted standing vanity, that is simply one that it fitted to both the floor and wall and those are very sturdy and stable. The main benefit of a fitted standing vanity unity is that it offers plenty of storage space.

The next type is known as floating vanity unit, and they are fitted onto the wall and are popular with many homeowners due to their very sleek and modern design. One major benefit of choosing a floating vanity unit is that they are amazingly easy to clean.

A vessel vanity unit is one that with add a touch of elegance to your bathroom, this type of unit is one that has what can best be described as a rising bowl that protrudes above its own surface, plenty of storage space is also available on this type of vanity unit by the way.

If you do not have much space available in your bathroom then you should consider fitting an under mounted sink, which fits inside the vanity unit itself. The next two types of vanity units that are generally available include a shelf vanity which has both the sink and a simple shelf above it, and a pedestal sink, which in layman’s terms is a free-standing sink.

2. Be Aware of the Drainage and Layout of Your Bathroom

The current layout of your bathroom will often help you decide on any new design you are thinking of having for your revamped bathroom.

I say that as it can be very costly to fit new drainage systems into some homes, and many people will be much more inclined to utilize the current drainage system and water inlet pipes, rather than go to the added cost of relocating and installing new ones.

That isn’t to say that you cannot jiggle the layout around, but by doing so you may increase quite noticeably the cost of revamping and updating your bathroom.

By sticking to a similar type of layout but installing a new bath, vanity unity, toilet or even shower unit and bidet you will then be able to use your budget on better quality ones than you would do instead of using a large chunk of your budget on moving the drainage system around for example.

If you do have any concerns about moving the layout around then seek the advice of a bathroom fitter, in fact you should always get at the very least two quotes, as that way the fitter or bathroom design expert will be able to talk you through the pros and cons of moving your bathroom layout around, and the all-important cost of doing so too.

3. Don’t Exceed Your Budget

The third tip I want to pass onto you is regarding your budget for revamping and updating your bathroom, for at the end of the day not everybody has a bottomless pot of cash that they can dip into for home improvements.

Many buy-to-let investors however will not want to go to a great deal of expense when updating a bathroom and will be tempted to use low cost fixtures and fittings, as they may need replacing regularly based on many different factors.

If you are just moving into a new home and wish to revamp the bathroom, or your bathroom just needs a complete makeover, then do your own research as to the likely price of doing it up, and then set yourself budget and stick to it the best you can.

It can however be one room of the house that many people can get carried away with, and it can be very easy to lose track of the total costs involved if you are not too careful.

4. Bathroom Fitters Can Supply Low Cost Vanity Units

It could be the case that the bathroom fitter you have chosen to use to install a new vanity unit can also supply them too, or the bathroom showroom you wish to buy such a unit from will have their own team of fitters.

I would strongly advise you to consider using an all-in-one type fitter or supplier as that way you can often get a large discount regarding getting your unit installed, which is good to know if you are on something of a tight budget for your home improvements.

At the end of the day though you should pick your supplier and fitter carefully and look for those that not only supply high quality vanity units, but those that have the very best reviews too.

As for just how long it is going to take to get your vanity unit installed, well it shouldn’t take more than an hour or so for a first class tradesmen to get it installed, but it will be dependent on whether they need to move around any water inlets or drainage systems as to just how long it will ultimately take to install it.

5. Take Your Time Choosing a Vanity Unit

Finally, never be in any type of rush when choosing just which vanity unit to have installed in your bathroom, for it is going to possibly be an expensive purchase and you will need to be 100% confident that it is going to suit the rest of your bathroom fixtures and fittings.

You may never have revamped a bathroom before, and if that is the case then simply get the measurements of your bathroom and have a general layout that you prefer in mind and then pop along to a bathroom supplier, who will then be able to talk you through what will be available to you, based on your own preferences.

You will find that most bathroom suppliers will have a computer programme that will allow you to pick and chose where your vanity unique, bath or shower unit, toilet and any additional extras will go and you can play around with the layout based on just how large or small your bathroom is.

Any questions you may have will also be answered promptly when you do make use of the services of a bathroom supplier, and as mentioned up above they usually have their own tradesmen that will fit your vanity and other fixtures and fittings too, and will of course be able to give you an estimate too.

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