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7 Tips to Create Travel Videos Like a Pros

7 Tips to Create Travel Videos Like a Pros

Are you fond of traveling? Do you love to create fascinating videos of your trip and show them to the world?

If your answer is ‘YES’ to both these questions, you have landed on the right page. Traveling and vlogging together are a little difficult but not impossible.

Well, you can do this too. How? Here are 7 easy tips to create travel videos like a pro.

  1. Watch a lot of videos

If you want to make some productive and classy videos, the first thing to do is to watch as many travel videos as possible. These videos will give you direction and guidance on the elements that you can capture.

Before starting anything, you need to at least be educated with the basics and such travel videos serve as the best examples. These videos will help you to understand the formats and framework. Try to observe why some clips are put before others. Focus on the camera angles and the experimentation with lighting.

  1. Set your equipments

To shoot videos, you need basic equipments like a camera, tripod, and microphone at the least. If you can afford more, you can also invest in external lighting, memory cards, batteries, etc. But anything more than basic equipements is not mandatory. I have seen some extraordinary videographers shooting their travel videos with their smartphone, microphone, and tripod.

If you’re using a camera, experiment with it and set the required default settings beforehand. You wouldn’t want to miss any scene while traveling just because you were occupied modifying the settings of the camera. By that time the moment would be gone. So, check your settings for all the modes before you travel.

  1. Form a narrative

Videos work when they narrate a story. You need to do a lot of research and planning for this. Since incidents at trips are spontaneous; your camera should be forever ready to capture the moments. Try to shoot as much as possible because you wouldn’t want to sit blankly at the editing table with footage that makes no sense.

You cannot just show the places you have been when there’s no connection. Ask for testimonials from people over there. Find out the common elements in all your shots. This will enable you to weave an interesting story and narrate it to the audience.

  1. Shoot about the location

Travel videos speak for the places you visit. Their aim is not to showcase the life you lived there. So, stick to the aim. Highlight the location, the people, the sceneries, the eating habits over there instead of showing what you had. If you follow travel videos from Discovery or Nat Geo, you’ll understand the concept.

You can also talk about the architecture and the history of the place. Plot all these points together and highlight it in the video with you being a storyteller.

  1. Cover diverse Shots

Google says that there are 44% of people engaging every month in vlogs. You can understand the potential market from this number. To keep this 44% engaged in your video can sound like a task to you. But this is possible if you use the right shots.

When you are finished shooting, choose shots that are clear, steady, and without noise. Make sure the lighting is perfect. Try shooting more in the early morning or during sunset as it gives you the best lighting.

Apart from these, you can also use the online video stocks available to a certain extent in your video. Nobody will be interested if you keep highlighting only one particular thing. Hence, try to cover diverse shots.

  1. Edit with online tools

If you haven’t bought subscriptions to editing software, you can also use online editing portals like wave video and many others for easy editing.

They help you provide smooth transitions to maintain the continuity of the video. Choosing the correct editing software is equally important for the quality of the video.

  1. Add Music and effects

Your video will lose its charm if you don’t add some fun music or sound effects to it.

The video should take the audience to a rejuvenating space of mind. Music and sound effects can help you communicate to your audience that you genuinely enjoyed your trip.

So, the next time when the mountains call you, we hope you know how to make the world jealous!


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