8 Ways To Improve Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

8 Ways To Improve Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

It’s Rocky vs. Apollo, it’s Robin Hood vs. King John, it’s Achilles’ heel… it’s the culmination of all your hard work wrapped into a single no-nonsense metric: conversion rate.

Your product is ready for launch, ads are driving traffic, and you’re ready for the next step — whether that’s growing your email list, selling a specific product, or getting registrants for an online event.

But there’s a problem.

Your landing page isn’t converting as you need it to — and it’s placed a big brick wall in between you and the growth you crave.

So below, we’re going to walk you through 8 ways to improve your landing page conversion rate. Most of these will only take you 5-10 minutes to implement… and they can have a big difference on conversions.

Average Landing Page Conversion Rates By Industry

Before we dive into 8 different ways for improving your landing page conversion rates, we thought it’d be useful for you to know where you stand.

According to Impact, the average cross-industry landing page conversion rate is 2.35%.

And according to Wordstream, these are the industry-specific conversion rate benchmarks for Facebook ads…

The average conversion rate, then, hovers between 2% and 10%. But keep in mind that these numbers are not contextual to your business, products, services, or offer.

At ClickFunnels, for instance, we typically see much higher conversion rates for our main offers than what you’re seeing here (between 10% and 40%).

But that’s because our specialty is literally to create high-converting offers and sales funnels.

Ultimately, you have to measure your business against itself and always try to improve upon the previous benchmarks. No matter where you’re at, there’s probably still room for improvement. And you can use the 8 tips below to boost your conversion rate.

1. Try a Sales Funnel

One of the reasons that many landing pages don’t work is because they try to do everything… on a single page.

It’s not easy to take cold traffic — people who’ve maybe never even heard of your business before — and turn them into paying customers with a single page, even if that page is persuasive.

Imagine that you just clicked on a Facebook ad for one of Smart Passive Incomes’ online courses and that it took you to this landing page…

spi landing page

Convinced yet?

Obviously, there’s a lot of copy underneath what you see in the screenshot. But still… if you don’t know who Pat Flynn is and you’ve never heard of SPI before, it’s going to take a lot of convincing to get you to buy a $99 course with just that single page.

The solution?

Build sales funnels rather than landing pages.

Where a landing page is just one page and one step, a sales funnel is an experience that guides each visitor, step by step and page by page, toward taking the exact actions that you want them to take.

This is what we specialize in at ClickFunnels.

Our Tripwire Funnels, for example, starts by offering people a free or inexpensive product and then — once the person has already entered their shipping and payment info — offers the higher ticket product that you’re actually trying to sell..

This converts far better than if you were to offer the more expensive product out of the gate (we know because we’ve tested it).

That’s just one example. We also have sales funnels for generating leads, launching products, and getting registrants for an online event.

(In fact, our members get access to 20+ tried-and-tested sales funnel templates)

If you want to learn more about how big of an impact sales funnels can have on your business, check out Jaime’s story below…

Claim Your FREE ClickFunnels Trial Now!

2. Add a Countdown Timer

This tip might sound too simplistic to be effective… can it really be as easy as adding a countdown timer to the page?

The answer is, sometimes.

We tested this on our “Top 1% Secrets Masterclass” Webinar a few years ago. This was the control version.

clickfunnels secrets masterclass webinar landing page

And this was the variation with a countdown timer and a few other very minor changes…

clickfunnels secrets masterclass webinar landing page

Doesn’t seem like a big change, right?

In fact, when I first saw those two pages, it took me like 30 seconds to spot the difference.

But it turns out that that small change had a big impact — a 300% boost, to be specific, from a 10% conversion rate for the control to a 30% conversion rate for the variation with the countdown timer.

conversion rates on different landing page variation

In this case, a countdown timer was probably effective because we were offering a webinar. This might not work as well for an offer that doesn’t include an online class or event.

But you could just as easily copy this concept by adding “X products left!” or “X seats left!” for a different type of offer.

The lesson here is that urgency can have a big impact on whether people purchase or not. And so it’s definitely worth testing on your own landing page.

3. Add Social Proof

Time and again, social proof has been proven by online marketers to systematically boost conversion rates.

We’re talking about testimonials, ratings and reviews, and case studies.

One example of the power of social proof comes from Kickers, an ecommerce business based in the U.K. that sells high-quality boots and shoes.

According to Yieldify, Kickers was able to increase the conversion rate on their product pages by 18% by adding “discreet notification showing the number of other people who had viewed that same item in the past 24 hours.”

kickers product page

That’s not massive, but it’s certainly a noteworthy boost in conversion rate.

So how can you add some social proof to your own landing page?

Can you tell a customer’s story, including a particularly compelling testimonial at the top of the page, share your 5-star reviews, or, like Kickers, set up notifications that show people they can trust your brand?

4. Go From Emotion to Logic to Fear

How do you create a compelling sales page?

That’s a question that’s had marketers scratching their heads for a long time. Some people have “magic” required to create sales pages that convert… and other people don’t — that’s how it feels.

But there’s actually a lot of science behind the structure of your landing pages.

The key is to go from emotion to logic to fear.

Check out the video below to listen to Russell Brunson explain how this works…

Let me walk you through an example.

On our DotCom Secrets landing page, the very top is targeting people’s emotions. We want them to get excited about the possibility of learning 28 secrets to easily grow their business online.

dot com secrets landing page with video

And we continue hitting those emotions with a few more headlines as people scroll down the page…

dot com secrets landing page with video

Then we introduce logic. Now we want to explain to our visitors why they need this book and how this book can help them.


Well, we tell a story of how the ideas in the book helped Russell…

dot com secrets landing page

Finally, after walking people through all of the logical steps and spicing it up with some testimonials, we use fear, urgency, and scarcity at the end.

dot com secrets landing page

You can check out the full page at DotCom Secrets to get a better idea of how we do this.

We’ve used this tactic — taking people from emotion to logic to fear — on a lot of different sales pages… and almost always with high-converting results.

Give it a try!

5. Optimize For Mobile & Desktop Differently

Inexperienced marketers talk about conversion rate as if it’s an un-nuanced, end-all metric.

But that’s not the case.

In fact, we’ve run multiple A/B tests where the conversion rate on the variation was lower than the control but it actually resulted in more revenue because the people who did buy spent more money.

Weird, right?

Another nuance that most people forget is the difference between what converts on mobile and what converts on desktop — those elements aren’t always the same.

Let me give you an example.

Part of our original landing page for Traffic Secrets looked like this — pay special attention to the copy around the CTA button.

traffic secrets landing page with call to action button

For the first variation, we simplified the copy around the button. Here’s what that looked like.

traffic secrets landing page with call to action button

And for the final variation, we removed all copy around the button.

traffic secrets landing page with call to action button

On desktop, the 2nd version won by quite a lot… but on mobile, the third version took the cake.

Perhaps this indicates that on mobile devices, people don’t have the patience to read as much copy as they would on desktop — in fact, other tests we’ve run indicate that this might be the case.

But the main point is, there’s often a difference between what performs well on desktop and what performs well on mobile devices… so make sure you’re considering that context when you look at the metrics.

6. Add Curiosity To Your Headline

Does the headline of your landing page tell people exactly what they’re going to get?

Or does it create anticipation and curiosity that keeps people on the edge of their seats?

There’s certainly a place for both types of headlines. But at ClickFunnels, curiosity has served us well.

In fact, Russell Brunson is a big believer that many entrepreneurs landing pages don’t convert well because their headlines aren’t making people curious.

Check out the video below to learn how Russell changed only a headline to take a landing page from $24.85 per webinar registrant to $5.84 per registrant.

7. Make It Super Easy

If we assume that your offer is excellent, your branding is on-point, your message is clear, and your copy is compelling…

…then what can still stop people from converting?

Well, one thing that can stop people is complexity.

If someone is convinced by the content of your page that they want to opt-in or buy or sign up, then you want to make it as easy as possible for them to do so.

This is particularly true when we’re talking about low-friction offers… free gifts, lead magnets, low-ticket items, etc.

Make it easy.

At one point, for example, when you clicked on the CTA on our Secrets Masterclass landing page, a pop-up would open and prompt you to enter your email address.

To see if we could improve the conversion rate, we tested a variation where the opt-in field was right on the landing page…

clickfunnels secrets masterclass webinar landing page

Now that variation is our new control.

It raised mobile form submissions by 12% and desktop submissions by 17%.

Not too shabby for such an easy and simple change, huh?

8. Try Trust Badges

Trust badges might not seem like they can have a big difference on conversion rates — after all, they’re just tiny graphics reminding the consumer of things you probably said somewhere else on your landing page.

“Money back guarantee!”… “secure checkout”… “thousands of copies sold”…

But it turns out that these little icons can pack a punch.

We tested three trust badges at the bottom of our Traffic Secrets checkout process and were baffled by the results.

traffic secrets checkout form

On mobile, those badges increased revenue by a whopping 93% and increased conversions by 9%. On desktop, we saw a 5% conversion rate increase and a 61% revenue boost.

Yeah… our jaws dropped, too.

We’re not saying that your sales funnel or landing page will definitely benefit from trust badges… but it seems like it’s at least worth a shot.

Landing Page Not Converting? Try The Above Tips!

In marketing, few things are as frustrating as a dead-beat landing page.

Because no matter how much time and money went into it… the only thing that matters is whether it gets results.

Fortunately, there are a lot of simple changes you can make to a landing page to try and boost its conversion rate. You can turn it into a sales funnel, add social proof, fix your targeting, remove distractions, or do one of the other 8 tips above.

The only way to make progress now… is to make some changes and track the results.

Off you go!

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