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A day in the life of a new business agency

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In the heart of Soho – one of London’s most vibrant parts, sits one of the oldest lead generation companies in the country. Alchemis was formed in 1986 to help businesses with their growth strategy, and here – over 30 years later – they go from strength-to-strength.

Finding a good new business agency is incredibly difficult. Lots of ludicrous guarantees, over-promising and under-delivering, as well as poor communication and reporting. The team at Alchemis have made it their goal to ensure that they aren’t tarred with the above brush – in fact, it’s their objective to be the complete opposite.

So, how do they operate? A custom-built database has been the bread and butter of Alchemis’ work since their incorporation. Their Account Managers use this as their core arsenal in sourcing leads for their clients, and it is what they live and breathe each day they come to work. The process is a simple one:

  • Understand the client in full – what do they do, what is their target market, and what do they want to achieve?
  • Take this knowledge and understanding, and use it to segment the database down into smaller, more targeted chunks. If a client wants to target retailers who turnover between £5-10m per annum, then this data is segmented.
  • Although Alchemis are much more than a cold-calling or telesales company, this activity is fundamental to their approach. Each Account Manager will make over 70 calls per day, in an attempt to get through to as many decision makers as possible.
  • If they don’t get through to a decision-maker, that lead will go back into the pot for another time – where they’ll then try again.
  • If they do get through, they’ll then look to engage that individual and find out if the business is in the market for their client’s offering. Typically, they will be – but at some point, in the future. The Account Manager will then make a note in their database, to call that prospect back at such a time where they are in the market.
  • When a decision-making prospect is identified, and a good conversation had – Alchemis will then set a meeting between the client and the prospect. They can be as hands on, or as hands off as the client requests in the follow-up too.

It’s a lead generation strategy that’s worked exceptionally well. Having had hundreds of successful clients down the years, their methodology remains unchanged. A telemarketing approach is only successful if the process is a stringent one, and there are no leaks in the funnel. This is what makes Alchemis the best new business agency out there.

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