A Letter To Our ClickFunnels Customers And The #funnelhacker Community – ClickFunnels

A Letter To Our ClickFunnels Customers And The #funnelhacker Community - ClickFunnels

As entrepreneurs, I know many of you are feeling uncertain, and downright scared wondering how the spread of COVID-19 is going to impact your business.

While I’m not an expert in pandemics, I am an entrepreneur who has weathered a few economic storms…

And I do know this

Some of the BEST companies were born out of times of economic depressions, and history has proven this will not last saying that I don’t believe it will last. Economies are cyclic, and what goes down will eventually come back up.

While I am incredibly passionate about everyone’s health and safety, my biggest fear is not the virus itself, but the economic repercussions that will ripple from it (which we’re already seeing)…

So I wanted to take a moment to address a few points about the economy, ClickFunnels, and some of my thoughts on a personal note…

I also recently went LIVE on Facebook to address these thoughts in more detail, which you can watch here…

>> Watch My FB LIVE COVID-19 Statement Here <<

How Will We Pull Ourselves Out Of The Economic Crisis?

If you look closely at what happened after  9/11, what ultimately brought our country out of the economic dip was SPENDING.  People were enticed to start buying things again.  There was so much encouragement with dropped interest rates to motivate people to spend, everybody  did their part and stimulated the economy again. 

Right now, it seems like the opposite is happening –  The economy is freezing, and the local governments are telling us to go home, close our doors, close up shop for a while, and wait until this blows over.  And that can be a scary thing. 

While we should definitely all do our part to maintain social distancing, I’m encouraging you to also do your part to help stimulate the economy. That means continuing to create, market and sell your products. It also means to continue to buy things.

It’s also been asked,

How Is ClickFunnels Preparing And Handling This As A Company?

First, I should mention that my partner and co-founder, Todd Dickerson is a genius.  He saw and tracked what was happening with the spread of COVID-19 very early on, and started preparing ClickFunnels months ago.

(I’ll admit at the time, I thought he was crazy for taking such drastic precautions with our company, and now I have him to thank that we’re as secure and protected as we are.)

Because Todd was so proactive, we had plenty of time to put different layers of contingency plans in place to protect the company and our team, so that our software doesn’t go down, or so that entire department of our staff (like our engineers or support agents) have back up if they are out or get sick at the same time.

These plans have already been in place for 2-3 months inside ClickFunnels because of Todd’s ability to think ahead and plan for times such as these.

And because ClickFunnels is already a distributed workforce with the majority of our employees working remotely, we were able to implement these plans very quickly.

Also, ClickFunnels has entered into this economic storm in the BEST possible conditions…

We are profitable, with plenty of money in the bank.  This allows us to ALWAYS make the decisions that we need based on what’s best for our users so that we can be here for our users no matter what.

I want you to be certain and have peace of mind that, while everything else may seem shaky right now, ClickFunnels has been preparing for this, and we’re not going anywhere.

We’ll be here standing strong on the other side of this storm, because we know that for many of you, your livelihood depends on ClickFunnels making sure that your sites and funnels are running, and that you have the ability to take payments.

On A More Personal Note…

Have you ever seen the movie Forrest Gump?  There is a scene in it where Lt. Dan and Forrest Gump buy a shrimping boat.  And when they first start, they get destroyed by the other competitor boats, and their business was doing horrible.

One day, they were on the boat, and a big storm came…and at first they were going to head in, but they STAYED THE COURSE.   Once the storm finally passed, every other boat was completely destroyed BECAUSE they docked, and just one boat remained – The Bubba Gump Shrimp boat…

Because they weathered the storm, and didn’t stop or dock to wait-out the storm, they survived and became a MAJOR shrimping business.  They got all the shrimp, and became the billion-dollar company.

This story is a vitally important metaphor for us…

It’s critical right now to have the certainty in your business to weather this storm.  It may knock you around a bit.  You may encounter some rainy days…  But at some point – whether it’s 3 months, 6 months, or however long from now – the storm WILL end.

You’ll survive.

And you can be the business left standing, and you will be prepared and ready, so you can go and serve the people, and help them.

If you haven’t seen it, you can watch my FB LIVE where I recently addressed COVID-19, ClickFunnels, and the economic crisis in full detail…

>> Watch My FB LIVE COVID-19 Statement Here <<

Russell Brunson
Co-Founder, ClickFunnels

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