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Advantage of practicing previous year question paper


Every student wants to score good marks in the exam. To achieve this it is very important for the student to study hard.

However only studying hard is not enough for the students to score good marks. Along with studying properly, it is also important for the students to be mentally prepared for the exam. This mental preparation is provided by the previous year’s question paper. Practicing previous year question paper is important for a student of Class 10 due to the following reasons:

 Helps to understand the important questions – One of the biggest advantages of the previous year’s question paper is the student can have an idea of the important questions from the different parts of the syllabus. It also helps them to understand which questions are most likely to come during the examination. Sometimes there are occasions when the same questions are repeated.

If such a situation arises and the student has practiced the previous year question papers then he can easily solve these questions. This, in turn, helps him to get good marks and makes his family and relatives very happy. 

Helps the student revise his lessons

Another advantage of solving previous year question is it helps the student in doing revision. If the student can solve these questions then he knows that this part of the lesson is well prepared. However, if he cannot answer the question then be goes back to the chapter where the answer is present. Then he finds the answer and prepares it again.

Thus the previous year’s question paper helps the student to revise the chapter. This makes the student better prepared for the exam. In addition to this, it also makes the student more confident. The combination of these two helps the student score good marks in the exam.

Gives the exam feel to the student

Previous year question papers give the exam feel to a candidate. This is primarily because they contain the same number of questions and the same type of questions as that present in the question paper. In addition to this, they have the same time duration as that of the exam.

All these create a situation and an atmosphere that is similar to the one present in the exam hall. Thus it helps the student to become mentally prepared for the exam. Needless to say here that if the student is mentally prepared then he will be able to score good marks in the exam.

Helps the student in time management

The time duration of any question paper is present at the top of the question paper. The previous year question papers have the same time duration as the ones that will be given in the exam hall. Thus it helps the student plan about each and every question.

They can decide the amount of time that should be given to an individual question. Thus they are prepared for the exam even before entering the exam hall. This, in turn, helps them to come out of the exam hall with flying colours.

Helps the student understand his mistakes

This is extremely important for any student. If the student is unable to understand his mistake he will not be able to correct it. The previous year’s question papers give the student a chance to correct his mistake. In case he finds a mistake he can correct it and do his preparations all over again. Since he prepares the corrected answers so he is able to remember them. This, in turn, helps him to score good marks.

The advantages of practicing questions from previous year question papers are presented above. Readers will understand that it is critical for the students to practice the previous year questions papers if they want to score good marks in the examination.

CBSE Class 10 students can easily practice cbse previous year question papers class 10 science with solutions if they want to score good marks in their Class 10 exams. Additionally, it will also help them understand the important concepts of their syllabus.

However, the students should also keep it in mind that they are to practice this only after thoroughly completing their syllabus. These are to be solved only after properly studying their textbooks. If they solve these prior to studying the textbooks then their concepts will not be clear.

If their concepts are not clear then they will not be able to answer the questions properly and this will harm their results. Thus they should go for previous year question paper only after completing their textbooks.

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