ClickFunnels vs. Ontraport: Which Sales Funnel Builder is Best?

ClickFunnels vs. Ontraport: Which Sales Funnel Builder is Best?

Trying to decide between ClickFunnels and Ontraport? To help you make a decision, let’s discuss the features, integrations, benefits, and pitfalls of each!

ClickFunnel is the most powerful sales funnel builder on the planet.

Our service has helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. And hundreds of our members report driving 7 figures through their ClickFunnels-built sales funnels!

We’re not telling you that to brag.

We just think it’s really darn cool to have such a big impact!

Ontraport is a CRM and page builder that launched in 2006. They’ve also had great success!

But which one is better for your business?

That’s what we’re going to talk about here.

TL;DR Overview of ClickFunnels vs. Ontraport

Short on time? Here’s our TL;DR overview of ClickFunnels vs. Ontraport!

  • The main difference between ClickFunnels and Ontraport is that ClickFunnels helps people build sales funnels, and Ontraport helps businesses build sales pipelines. 
    • A sales funnel is a series of pages and emails that are crafted to guide people toward conversion automatically. 
    • A sales pipeline refers to the organization and management of leads and customers so that sales teams can function effectively. 
  • ClickFunnels offers…
    • High-converting sales funnels
    • Drag-and-drop editor
    • Follow-up funnels
    • And more!
  • Ontraport offers…
  • Both Ontraport and ClickFunnels have tons of great features.
  • Both Ontraport and ClickFunnels have tons of great integrations. 
  • Ontraport starts at $79 per month, and ClickFunnels starts at $97 per month, but both offer free trials, so why not give ‘em and go before you buy?

Try ClickFunnels FREE For 14 Days!

The Main Difference Between ClickFunnels and Ontraport

ClickFunnels and Ontraport are both great at what they do… but they do slightly different things.

Put simply, Ontraport builds sales pipelines, and ClickFunnels builds sales funnels.

What’s the difference?

Imagine that you have a sales team that helps you sell high-ticket B2B products or services. To be effective, the sales team will need clean and clear internal processes.

For example, they’ll need to know who is assigned to what leads, when to follow-up, and where each lead is in the sales process.

Without that information, things get messy.

This is what we call a sales pipeline.

In other words, a sales pipeline is the one-on-one process that you take your prospects through to turn them from leads into deals. 

A sales funnel, on the other hand, automates that entire process. 

Where a sales pipeline requires manual cold calling, emailing, and follow-up, a sales funnel is a series of pages and emails that are crafted to guide as many people as possible toward conversion.

Here’s what our Tripwire funnel looks like, for instance…

Diagram of the 4 pages used in a 2 step trip wire sales funnel

When someone goes through this sales funnel, they’d then get put into what we call a Follow-Up Funnel — which is a series of emails that are created to turn non-converters into customers and customers into repeat buyers.

The best part? 

Once this sales funnel is set up, all of this happens without you having to lift a finger, which means your business is extremely scalable. 

Some companies need both a sales pipeline and a sales funnel. Others only need a sales funnel (especially B2C companies). 

But we have yet to find a company that wouldn’t benefit from having a high-converting sales funnel. 

(Dentists, real estate agents, and big B2B companies can all benefit!)

And that’s the biggest difference between ClickFunnels and Ontraport: ClickFunnels will help you build a high-converting sales funnel, and Ontraport will help you manage your sales pipeline

ClickFunnels Features

Here are some of ClickFunnel’s most important features. 

Drag-and-Drop Visual Editor

Not only can you use ClickFunnel’s refined-by-fire sales funnel templates to virtually guarantee conversions, but you can also customize any page with our drag-and-drop editor. 

Just choose an element, drag it anywhere on the page, drop it, and edit it however you like!

Screenshot of the rag and drop funnel builder

Website Hosting Included

Once you’re inside ClickFunnels, go to your settings and tell us what domain you want us to connect your sales funnel too. We’ll do the rest.

Clickfunnels dashboard showing were to add domains

100+ Themes and Templates Available

We want ClickFunnels members to have access to the very best sales funnels possible. That’s why we give all of our members complete access to ClickFunnels-created funnels (all tested and proven to work!). But we also give you access to our massive sales funnel template market, where you can choose from user-created funnels that fill just about any need. Just check the reviews before you buy!

Catalog of Clickfunnels templates

Total Split Testing Capabilities

At ClickFunnels, we know the importance of split testing first-hand. I’m not sure we’ve ever launched a sales funnel of our own that didn’t have some sort of experiment running in the background. 

Testing, learning, and iterating are vital for online success. And that’s why we give all of our members the ability to test any part of any sales funnel!

Clickfunnels dashboard showing split testing capabilities

High-Converting Sales Funnels

ClickFunnels doesn’t just give you the ability to build sales funnels; we provide you with the know-how

We provide our members with proven-to-convert sales funnels (just plug and chug!), free bestselling books written by our founder (like DotCom Secrets),  weekly hackathons, our Funnel Hacker Forum, and tons more!

Diagram showing the differences between websites and funnels

Unlimited Conversion Tracking

Want to know how effective your sales funnel is? Not a problem!

You can view mission-critical metrics inside of your ClickFunnels dashboard at any time!

Dashboard showing sales tracking

Easy-To-Use Email Follow-Up Funnels

As you know, follow-up is one of the most important parts of online sales.

What happens after someone abandons or buys the real crux of building a business. Do they leave and never buy again? Or do they keep buying from you because you keep delighting them with valuable emails? 

Repeat customers are extremely valuable. 

And at ClickFunnels, we give you the ability to build follow-up funnels that convert abandoners and upsell new customers. 

Membership Site Included

Membership sites are a great way to create recurring revenue for your business. We call this a “Continuity Program.”

And in our opinion, Continuity Programs are vital for building online businesses with predictable cash-flow. 

With ClickFunnels, you can easily create a membership site that attracts leads and serves users. 

Dashboard showing membership site settings.

Ecommerce Features

Own an e-commerce store? Or maybe you want to build an e-commerce store? 

ClickFunnels is a great place to do it! We have all of the features you need — from shopping carts and abandoned cart emails to sales funnels and payment gateways. 

Just check out the sort of business that Jaime was able to build using ClickFunnels.

Dashboard for adding e-commerce products.

Ontraport Features

Here are some of Ontraport’s most noteworthy features.


Ontraport has a versatile CRM that allows users to manage contact information, organize leads, track customer data, manage contact information, segment email lists, and more.

Ontraport CRM features


Ontraport’s email marketing service allows users to create, send, and track campaigns without using third-party tools. Their ESP is similar to Mailchimp or Active Campaign, but it’s built right into Ontraport’s suite of automation features. 

list of emails and analytics on how many sent, opened and clicked.

SMS Text

Ontraport members aren’t limited to sending emails. They can also send SMS texts seamlessly to their leads. This works great for appointment reminders, special product offers, and even purchase confirmations. 

Diagram of sms text message

Landing Pages

Ontraport doesn’t have a versatile all-in-one sales funnel builder like ClickFunnels, but they do have a landing page builder. You can use this feature to build landing pages that show off products, offer a lead magnet, or persuade people to purchase.

Sample of a landing page


Every landing page needs an opt-in form. And with Ontraport, you can easily add forms to your pages. Whether the form takes payment, contact, or application information, that data seamlessly syncs with Ontraport’s CRM, which keeps everything nice and tidy. 

contact form template

Membership Sites

Finally, Ontraport allows users to create membership sites easily. That means site visitors can create accounts, log-in, and access member-exclusive content.

Membership site templates


Below, you’ll find lists of some of the primary integrations that ClickFunnels and Ontraport offer. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all available integrations, but a brief overview.

ClickFunnels Integrations

  • Twilio — Use to personalize and schedule SMS messages.
  • Embed A Calendar Into Your Funnel — Use to allow leads to schedule themselves on your calendar. It can use lots of different calendar software for integration.
  • YouZign — Use for hosting custom images on YouZign and then publishing those same images on ClickFunnels.
  • VWO Engage — Use to set up push notifications for your funnels. 
  • SalesForce — Use if you want to integrate SalesForce with your ClickFunnels account.
  • Warrior Plus — Use to sell Warrior Plus products in your ClickFunnels site.
  • Disc Delivered — Use to enable automatic order fulfillment when someone places an order in your funnel.
  • Stripe Payment — Use Stripe as a payment integration and send funnel customers receipts directly from Stripe.
  • Kajabi — Use to connect your products in ClickFunnels with membership areas in Kajabi.
  • PayPal — Use to add a PayPal button to your ClickFunnels page and accept payments through PayPal.
  • WordPress — Use to integrate your ClickFunnels account with your WordPress website.
  • Shopify — Use to integrate your Shopify website with your ClickFunnels account.
  • Slybroadcast — Use to send voicemails from Slybroadcast to your subscribers in ClickFunnels.
  • Shipstation — Use to set up Shipstation for order fulfillment once someone purchases through ClickFunnels.
  • Zapier — Use to integrate your ClickFunnels account with any other popular service.
  • ZenDirect — Use to send customer information from ClickFunnels to ZenDirect to ship items from ZenDirect.

Ontraport Integrations

  • Quickbooks — Use to manage your business finances.
  • Freshdesk — Support your customers with Freshdesk features.
  • ClickFunnels Accept payments through a ClickFunnels order form page.
  • Lob — Send personalized mail to your customers and leads.
  • SimpleTexting — Use texting features from SimpleTexting.
  • ZoomConnect Ontraport with this remote conferencing service.
  • LeadQuizzes — Learn about your audience through quizzes.
  • Facebook Connect Ontraport to your Facebook ads.
  • Zapier — Use to connect Ontraport to other services and tools on Zapier.

ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels currently has two dead-simple pricing options. Most importantly, though, we offer a 14-day free trial so that you can try us out for free without any sort of commitment. 

Our first plan is $97 per month, and you get up to 20 funnels, 100 pages, 20,000 visitors, unlimited leads, 3 custom domains, and one billing integration. Our second plan is $297 per month, and you get unlimited everything, 3 billing integrations, and some other cool gadgets. 

Learn more over here. 

Try ClickFunnels Free For 14 Days!

Ontraport Pricing

Ontraport has four pricing options.

The first is $79 per month and includes 1,000 contacts and unlimited emails. The second is $147 per month and includes 2,500 contacts, unlimited emails, and 2 account users. The third is $297 per month and includes 10,000 contacts, unlimited emails, and 3 account users. The final plan is $497 per month and includes 20,000 contacts, 200,000 emails per month, and 5 account users.

They also have a 14-day free trial.

ClickFunnels Case Study & Review

Check out the video below to learn how Garrett used ClickFunnels to build his coaching and consulting business to support thousands of families in 27 different countries.

Third-Party Reviews
Capterra: 4.5/5
FinancesOnline: 9/10
G2: 4.5/5

Ontraport Case Study & Review

Check out the video below to learn how Marie Forleo used Ontraport to build a successful life-coaching business

Third-Party Reviews
Capterra: 4.⅕
FinancesOnline: 8.5/10
G2: 4/5

ClickFunnels vs. Ontraport: Who’s The Winner?

Which one did you choose? 

If you need software that can help you and your sales team manage and organize leads, then Ontraport is probably the way to go. 

But if you need software that will help you generate more leads and make more sales online without putting in more work, ClickFunnels is the way to a goal.

Fortunately, you don’t need to make a decision right now. 

Both ClickFunnels and Ontraport have free 14-day trials. 

Give ‘em a go and see which one is better for your business!

Try ClickFunnels FREE For 14 Days!

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