Convertri Review For 2021 – All You Need To Know About Convertri

Convertri Review For 2021 – All You Need To Know About Convertri

Convertri is a funnel builder that is growing in popularity.

Today we are going to take a look at its:

  • Features.
  • Pricing. 
  • Alternatives.

Want to know if this is the right tool for your online business?

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TL;DR Overview of Convertri Review

In a hurry? No worries. Here’s the TL;DR version of our Convertri review

  • Convertri is a funnel builder app.
  • The company claims that its software is the world’s fastest funnel builder.
  • Convertri pages indeed load incredibly fast when compared to pages built with other funnel builder apps
  • Convertri  infrastructure is especially reliable due to their custom content delivery network (CDN). 
  • One of Convertri’s standout features is its free-form page editor that allows for much more creative freedom than other funnel builder apps.
  • Another standout features is its video functionality. Not only are the videos served up almost immediately but the page content can be adjusted based on how much of the video the visitor has watched. 
  • There is an in-built shopping cart which means that you won’t need to use a shopping cart integration.
  • Talking about integrations, Convertri integrates with various email marketing and webinar apps, as well as two payment processors. You can also use Zapier integration to connect it to a bunch of other popular web apps.
  • Do you regularly build websites for clients? Convertri offers a sub-accounts feature that allows you to create sub-accounts for clients so that they could access their pages. 
  • The company features two pricing plans on its pricing page: a monthly $99/month plan and a yearly $75/month plan (paid annually).
  • ClickFunnels is the best alternative for Convertri. When you sign up, you get access not only to our cutting-edge software but also to world-class online marketing training and a supportive community full of ambitious entrepreneurs just like you.

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What is Convertri?

Convertri is a funnel builder that was designed to help you convert website visitors into leads, leads into paying customers, and paying customers into repeat customers.

The company launched back in 2016.  This makes them one of the newer players in the funnel builder software space.

However,  Convertri team has worked hard to build a great product, regularly releasing software updates throughout the last five years.

This has helped them establish a name for themselves and build a solid customer base.

Convertri’s Features

Here are some of Convertri’s most noteworthy features.


Convertri have their own custom content delivery network (CDN) which is a geographically distributed network of data servers and proxy centers.

The landing pages you publish on it are ring-fenced which means that once they are live the company can’t touch them. Consequently, if their system goes down, your pages will stay up.

Moreover, the infrastructure is designed in a way that allows it to handle sudden spikes in traffic.

You may have heard horror stories where a piece of content goes viral, then the traffic brings down the company’s website. This is unlikely to happen with Convertri. Their uptime is 100%.

Stess tested with live traffic chart.

Fast Page Loading Speed

Page loading speed is the time that it takes for a web page to fully load.

It may seem like an irrelevant technical detail but it actually has a tremendous effect on your bottom line.

Google once analyzed 11 million mobile landing pages from 213 countries to learn more about the relationship between page loading speed and bounce rate. What did they find?

Apparently, when the page load time goes from 1 second to 3 seconds, the probability of a bounce increases by 32%.

Meanwhile, when the page load time goes from 1 second to 10 seconds, the probability of a bounce increases by 123%.

Google page load time statistic table.

Google also found that the average mobile landing page takes 15 seconds to fully load.

Can you imagine how much money online businesses are losing just because their landing pages take ages to load (and yes, when it comes to page loading speed, 15 seconds is ages)?

This is an especially important issue for companies that use paid advertising to drive traffic to their landing pages.

Typically, when you use paid ads like Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads, you pay per click.

That means that if the potential customer clicks through to your landing pages but then immediately bounces, you still have to pay for that click!

Convertri provide a solution to this problem by making their landing pages blisteringly fast. In fact, the company claims that its app is the world’s fastest funnel builder.

Slow ales pages kill conversion, cell phone graphic.

Convertri also claim to have tested how their page loading speed compares to other funnel builders.

They built the same landing page in a variety of different funnel builder apps.

It was designed to include all the common elements that you would expect to see on a landing page: images, video, text, forms, and call-to-action (CTA) buttons.

Convertri admit that while they did try to keep the pages identical that wasn’t always possible because different apps have different capabilities.

For example, some apps didn’t have a built-in video player, so whenever that turned out to be the case, they would embed a YouTube video instead.

They then published all these landing pages and tested their loading speed using the Pingdom speed tool. What were the results?

Convertri’s landing page loaded much faster than the landing pages built with other funnel builders.

Convertri landing pages, webpage load speed comparisons.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to independently verify these results, since Convertri didn’t make these landing pages public.

However, the company does have a reputation for offering super fast landing pages, so there’s no reason to believe that the test results that they have published weren’t accurate.

It’s probably safe to say that Convertri’s page loading speed is their main selling point (note the hare in their logo).

And we’ll be real with you: they are ahead of other funnel builders, including our own software, in this regard.

This app might indeed be the world’s fastest funnel builder.

Drag and Drop Page Editor

Want to hear Convertri’s origin story?

Neil Murton was at the house of his friend, Andy Fletcher.

He was working on a headline when he noticed that Andy was furious with the page builder app he was using.

“I want to move this button a bit to the left. I don’t want it in the next block, I don’t want some other element to swap places with it. I just want it to be a bit to the left. I shouldn’t have to be a coder to do this!” ranted his friend.

When Neil eventually suggested that Andy could make a better page builder, his friend liked the idea… And so they started building Convertri.

As one would expect, they ended up putting a lot of thought into their page editor.

Convertri’s free-form page editor is unique in the funnel builder software space because it features a blank canvas to which you can then add elements.

Convertri's unique free-form page editor example.

This approach stands in contrast with the approach most other funnel builder companies have taken, which is a page editor based on building blocks that include various elements.

On the one hand, Convertri’s page editor offers more creative freedom, since you can customize your page any way you want, down to the tiniest details.

It all started with Andy getting upset about not being able to move a button a little bit to the left. Well, with Convertri’s page editor, you can do that.

On the other hand, this much creative freedom can feel overwhelming to someone who doesn’t have much experience with building sales funnels yet.

It’s easy to get bogged down in minute details that ultimately do not matter. Should you move that button a little bit to the left? We don’t know. But you should ask yourself if it’s really something worth obsessing about.

Another issue that is presented by free-form editing is that what looks best to you isn’t always what converts best.

Here at ClickFunnels, we have spent the last seven years relentlessly A/B testing sales funnels, including the standard elements of landing pages.

We now have an understanding of what works and what doesn’t work that is based not on our feelings but on cold hard data. And our page editor reflects that.

We would argue that while it’s easier to get a landing page look just the way you want it with Convertri’s page editor, it’s easier to build a landing page that converts with ClickFunnels page editor.

Finally, it appears that the free-form editing functionality makes the conversion from the desktop version of the page to the mobile version of the page less reliable, so you might need to double-check if your landing pages look good on mobile devices.


Just because the free-form editor offers you unlimited creative freedom doesn’t mean that you have to build everything from scratch.

The company offers a variety of  sales funnel and page templates that you can choose from:

  • Sales funnel templates. Have a webinar? There’s a webinar funnel template. Selling an info product? There’s an info product funnel template Selling software? There’s a software funnel template. And so on. 
  • Page templates. There are over 200 page templates available. These include coming soon pages, opt-in pages, sales pages, thank you pages, and more.

As can be expected from Convertri, these templates are blazing fast. They are also beautiful.


Convertri have gone to great lengths to make their video functionality exceptional.

They offer the usual features that you would expect, such as the ability to embed a video in your landing page, desktop and mobile autoplay, and so on.

However, they also claim to offer the fastest video hosting that you have ever seen.

With other hosts, it often takes time for the video to load, which increases the risk of the visitor bouncing.

Meanwhile, Convertri uses an adaptive bitrate, intelligent chunking, and one of the world’s fastest CDNs to serve up videos almost immediately.

Moreover, embedding a Convertri video on a landing page only adds 0.2 seconds to page loading time, while doing the same with a YouTube video adds whole 2 seconds.

Convertri video video embedding comparison graphic.

Another standout video feature is the ability to adjust the page content based on how much of the video the visitor has watched.

This allows you to experiment with various ideas such as:

  • Hiding the “Download” button for your lead magnet until the visitor has finished watching the video. 
  • Displaying the “Buy Now” button the moment your pitch starts.  
  • Displaying extra testimonials as your video progresses.

…and so on.

Convertri video video embedding features.

What’s most interesting is that Convertri allows you to drop different tracking pixels at different points of the video. This opens a whole host of possibilities when it comes to paid advertising.

For example, you can show one ad to people who have only watched a few seconds of your video and another ad to those who have watched it in its entirety.

This makes for much more precise targeting.

Shopping Cart

Convertri has an in-built shopping cart which means that you won’t need a shopping cart integration to sell your products.

Here are some of the things that you can offer with this native shopping cart:

  • Subscriptions.
  • Payment plans.
  • Trials (both free and paid).
  • One-click upsells.
  • Bump offers.
  • Coupons.

You can also get detailed sales reports that show who bought your products, when they bought them, and how much revenue you have generated over a specific period of time.

There’s also a bunch of other useful features such as inventory tracking, fulfillment tracking, sales tax support, and more.

Convertri useful features website homepage menu.

Page Importer

Convertri’s page importer feature allows you to import a page that you have created on another platform so that you wouldn’t need to rebuild it from scratch. This can save you a ton of time.

All you need to do is paste the page URL into the page importer and the page will appear in your chosen funnel.

It’s worth noting that this feature only works for importing static text and images. Videos, interactive elements, and social media feeds won’t display properly.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is how online marketers figure out what works and what doesn’t:

  • You create two variants of the same page: variant A and variant B.
  • You split the traffic in two and send half of it to the variant A and half of it to the variant B.
  • You keep the variant that converted better.

Convertri comes with a built-in A/B testing functionality that allows you to optimize the pages in your sales funnel.


Do you regularly build websites for clients?

Then you will be happy to hear that Covertri offers a sub-accounts feature that allows you to create a sub-account for each client.

That way, they can create their own Convertri accounts, then have access to the pages that you have built for them using this app.

You retain control over the editorial access so you can allow clients to edit their pages if you want.

This can save you a lot of headache because it means that they won’t need to call you every time they want to make some minor change (e.g. fix a typo).

It’s worth noting that this feature is only available on agency accounts that come with 25 sub-accounts (you can contact Convertri if you need more).

Convertri agency sub account feature graphic.

Convertri Integrations

This list is not exhaustive. It simply highlights some of the more noteworthy integrations that Convertri offers.

  • Email marketing integrations. You can connect your Convertri account to some of the most popular email marketing apps such as MailChimp, ConvertKit, Aweber, and more. 
  • Webinar integrations. You can connect your Convertri account to webinar apps such as GoToWebinar and WebinarJEO.
  • Payment processor integrations. You can connect your Convertri account to Stripe and PayPal.

Finally, the company also offers a Zapier integration, which you can use to connect your Convertri account to a wide variety of popular web apps.

Convertri integrations list.

Convertri Pricing

Convertri feature two pricing plans on their pricing page:

  1. $99/month monthly plan. 
  2. $75/month annual plan (paid annually).

Both plans include the same set of features:

  • 250,000 impressions per month.
  • 25 funnels.
  • 250 pages.
  • 10 custom domains.
  • 10 team members.
  • 400+ templates.
  • 20 videos hosted.
  • 100 GB per month video bandwidth.
  • Unlimited products.
  • Split testing.
  • SSL.
  • Page importer.

The company also offers a free 14-day trial.

It’s unclear how much they charge for the previously mentioned agency account that comes with 25 sub-accounts but you can reach out to them and ask for more information if you are interested in that option.

Convertri membership pricing graphic.

Convertri Case Study & Reviews

We always try to stay objective when we are reviewing our competitors’ products.

That being said, we believe that ClickFunnels is the best sales funnel builder app out there, which makes us biased.

That’s why we encourage you to check out what other people say about Convertri. It will help you better understand the pros and cons of the company’s software.

You can start with this review:

Third-Party Reviews

The Best Convertri Alternative

When our co-founders, Todd Dickerson and Russel Brunson, launched ClickFunnels in September 2014, they both had over a decade of experience in selling online using sales funnels.

They have not only put everything they have learned into their software but also used that knowledge to grow ClickFunnels at an explosive speed:

  • One year after the launch the company had 10,000 users and was generating $10 million in annual revenue. 
  • Two years after the launch the company had 30,000 users and was generating $30 million in annual revenue.
  • Three years after launch the company had 68,000 users and was generating $100 million in annual revenue.

Look, we don’t want to throw shade on Convertri, we are sure that they are great guys and that their software is solid, but…

Who would you rather learn from about growing an online business:

Someone who grew their company from zero to 4000+ users in five years (Convertri)?


Someone who grew their company from zero to 10,000+ users in one year? (ClickFunnels)?

We have vast experience in selling online via sales funnels and the knowledge that comes with that experience.

Most importantly, we have impressive results. The proof is in the pudding.

And because we want our customers to succeed, we don’t just offer them funnel building software.

We also teach them how to apply the principles that we used to grow ClickFunnels to their own businesses.

Our FunnelFlix educational platform offers hours upon hours of training material from some of the top online marketing minds in the world.

Moreover, we know how important social support is, which is why we worked so hard to build a thriving community of ambitious entrepreneurs that you are welcome to join.

Want access to cutting-edge funnel building software, world-class online marketing training, and a supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs?

Then sign up for a free ClickFunnels trial today.

You won’t regret it!

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Is Convertri Right For You?

Convertri is a solid funnel builder that has several standout features.

These include a blazing fast page loading speed, free-form page editor, and the ability to automatically adjust page content based on how much of the video the visitor has watched.

However, if you want to build a successful online business, software is not enough.

You also need to know how to sell your product effectively and have a community of like-minded people who can keep you accountable and help you stay on track.

When you sign up for ClickFunnels, you get access to:

  1. State-of-the-art funnel building software.
  2. World-class education on how to use sales funnels to grow an online business
  3. Community of fellow online entrepreneurs where you can find support, inspiration, and new ideas.

Sounds like a better deal than just a funnel building app, right?

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