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Examples of extravagant explainer videos


There are solid reasons why you wouldn’t wear a tank top to a conference or a tuxedo at a vet clinic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do both get-ups at all.

It simply means different pieces of clothing convey different impressions to different crowds.

The same thing applies to the videos your brand puts out!

Certain video types better attract particular markets compared to others. And given the several explainer videos there are today, creativity definitely has to match branding to initiate and sustain hype. If you’re currently stuck in a thinking rut and you’re looking for inventive strategies to jumpstart your storytelling tactic, this article is for you. Here, we’ll discuss the many extravagant video types you can consider when you’re drafting your crazy ideas.


Extravagant Explainer Videos You Can Consider

Two-dimensional Animation

If you’ve been browsing the web for this type of video, then you know for sure that 2D animation is among the most widely used in this category of filmmaking. Depending on your concept and the extent of how you want it done, the animation route can be as extravagant as it can get.

To emanate a rich and immersing illustration of depth, both scenes and characters are displayed in two-dimensional territory. While it isn’t always the most expensive, animation can be extravagant in that it allows a versatility other shapes of storytelling can’t always replicate. When well-produced, 2D animation can spark a thought-provoking and lasting effect on one’s audience.


We’re all suckers for things that look real, so it shouldn’t shock us why thousands of clients prefer live-action videos. If your main goal is to immediately establish an organic and authentic, no-fuss connection between your brand and your market, live-action can be a promising method because it involves real people realized in controlled sets. You can be as inventive and out-of-the-box as you can be; and you can also experiment with various moods. When clients speak with creatives, they often forget that getting your message across can be relayed in a plethora of ways that transcend traditional expository monologues.

If you’ve studied social media trends long enough, you know that those that go viral or leave a strong permanence are those that tickle fancies and that entertain. Take your brand seriously, but widen your techniques in narration. There are a ton of good actors out there just waiting for a catchy script. Be as extravagant as you want.

Live-Action and Three-Dimensional Animation

What makes this style stand out from the rest is its capacity to combine two different constructs. Here, three-dimensional elements are integrated with live footage. This works best for companies with services and products in the digital space; but of course, this isn’t limited to that enterprise zone. As if holding videos or touching virtual leaderboards and control panels, humans in these videos glide through their fictional surroundings as if to portray how smooth and efficient their lives would be with your brand in it.

With just enough visuals, rhythm, and an inviting concept, your explainer video could be well on its way to thousands of facebook accounts, landing pages, websites, or maybe even a listicle of the top 10 funniest commercials ever made.

This format is great when you’re looking to highlight the humanity in your product all while wanting to introduce a spanking new concept or promise. That said, its extravagance relies on how well your concept speaks for itself.

Pencil or Marker Animation

Often one of the most resorted to concept of B2B and B2C advertising, this style of video animation delivers a straightforward visual feel. As if being drawn to a whiteboard with visional FYIs and hard facts, clients looking to present their brand sans all the unnecessary digital confetti will want this.

Because this style calls for talented animators to tell the story you want with visuals that compliment your message, marker animation can be extravagant because it can take time and a couple of revised storyboards to get it right. Their drawings on top of a voice-over are all this format calls for to convey your explainer video.

Motion Graphics

Just like two-dimensional storytelling, motion graphics primarily make use of cartoony visuals, minus the strict PG tone. This animation format is predominantly direct to the point, but still engaging and captivating.

For clients with products that are difficult to explain through an easy script, this explainer video strategy makes complex concepts more comprehensive and digestible. Whether introducing software types, apps, or what have you, motion graphics can work wonders in streamlining dozens of information and ideas. It also helps that colorful graphics aids in segmenting compartments and idea divisions.

This is a brilliant narration tactic that is inherently extravagant, yet feasible.


As the name implies, typography is an animation format that plays with fonts to articulate ideas and concepts. Mostly seen in lyric videos of music artists, typography works best for companies that want to visualize copy or bring to life company statements and lines.

While it may sound simple to many, editing videos like these can be an extravagant process because of the duration it takes to finish them. Similar to every kind of animation video on this list, a voice-over also ties everything together—but this can be overridden depending on a brand’s concept. Overall, typography is a clever way of sharing a message by utilizing curves, and links, and letters, but still retaining a simplistic collective feel. Video explainers who resort to this format are mostly those whose products and services are easy to understand and don’t demand creative fuss.

Ultimately, each explainer video type in this list can evoke an assortment of feelings and reactions, and storylines and ideas must be artistically enunciated to achieve memorability. If you’d like to find out how digital agencies go about producing explainer videos, you will find a sea of them online. Sites like Kasra Design, Monocle, and Vox are prime examples of internet homes that nurture these kinds of solutions.

Here are some of the best explainer videos that have ever graced the internet

Perhaps one of the most classic ones in this list, DollarShaveClub’s explainer video sticks because of its humor and its method of narration and movement. It also helps how the company’s own CEO, Mike Dubin, articulately encapsulates what the brand stands for.


Another old but gold video in this list is by IT-Man. With the help of classic video gaming graphics and a voice-over guy who sounds like a sports commentator from the ’90s, IT-Man’s script easily explains what their services cover. The script is straightforward, leaving only the glossy parts to the visuals and presentation.

Kasra Design

One of the more aesthetically captivating videos in the list is by animation company, Kasra Design. Their 80-second explainer video works because the animation is both riveting and easy on the eyes—two elements that can be tricky to pull off. One of the biggest strengths of this video is also the narrator’s script and speech delivery. It’s ambient, authentic, and straightforward.


If you’ve looked around, you’ll know that Dropbox has one of the best success stories in all of explainer video history. And it’s clear to see why. In 2008, file hosting service Dropbox was born. But it was too complex for people to understand. Because of how simple the video puts it out to be, business leaders, students, and digital artists started to get a good grasp of how the cloud works and how it’s only bound to catapult them into organized and seamless living.

Gerli Wren & Co.

Although a challenging one to pull off, Gerli Wren’s explainer video thrives with typography. Given that this format usually clicks with songs, this explainer video utilizes the power of fonts and their sizes coupled with good pictures when needed. Visuals are clear and your eyes are easily drawn to the center as they don’t overcrowd the screen with too many elements.

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