Grow Your Email List: How to Increase Email Opt-Ins

Increasing Email Opt-ins

Struggling to create and maintain an engaging email marketing strategy?

You’ve come to the right place.

Because your sales occur online, it’s important to have multiple marketing strategies in place that keep customers — new and returning — actively involved in your products and the new content you’re producing.

In addition to social media and other content marketing strategies, email marketing is a great way to help keep your customers and potential customers up-to-date about your products and services.

Through email marketing, your subscribers can sign up for upcoming webinars, get exclusive access to new products, or get individualized promo codes delivered straight to their inbox.

Simply put,

without an email marketing strategy, you’ll fail to grow your email list and expand your reach.

In this article, we will discuss simple and effective ways to grow your email marketing list through the necessary marketing strategies.

What is an Email List and How Do I Set One Up?

An email list is a list a company collects of customers’ email addresses and in return, provides continuous email content — news, deals, promos, webinars, and more.

What components go into setting up an email list?

It all starts with your first page or squeeze page within your funnel.

Open your sales funnels and take a look at your squeeze page. What is the lead magnet or what is the incentive for someone to give you their email? An example of the incentive or bribe could be “Free Instant Access” to a book, video or whatever you are offering in your funnel. Open your funnel and honestly ask yourself if the bribe you are offering is strong enough to cause people to act. If not, look for ways you can improve it. Below is a good example of a squeeze page with an effective bribe.

Increasing Email Opt-ins

Want A Copy? – Click Here

Location is key for your email opt-in. Opting in or leaving the page should be the only options on your squeeze page.

Making the incentive clear and the action clear is key to high email opt-ins.

Next, ask yourself if your opt-in verbiage is engaging and creates a sense of “FOMO” — fear of missing out — for those currently not a part of the email list.

You can even add an incentive, such as 20% off codes when customers subscribe to your emails.

Your opt-in form should be a straightforward form that is easy for a customer to complete. Test your opt-in form before making it live.

Finding glitches early will help grow your email list at a faster rate.

At the same time, you’ll need to have a welcome email in place for those that have recently signed up to keep them engaged and excited about joining your email list.

Within the welcome email should be a short message that thanks them for joining your list as well as what to expect in future emails.

Just be sure that the messaging is closely related to your company’s overall voice and tone.

In addition to gaining subscribers from opt-in lists, you can rent email lists in order to expand your organizational reach.

Benefits of an Email List


through an email list, you’re able to communicate directly to your audience.

From upcoming sales to new product announcements and educational webinars, email lists allow you to showcase your company and your expertise to your audience.

Though social media is another good tool to use to communicate with your audience, however, not everyone has social media accounts.

Plus, unlike social media platforms, there are no character or image limits, allowing you to share unlimited amounts of content.

There’s a reason your subscribers signed up for the email list, so it’s important to have content schedules that will not only increase engagement but retain current customers and attract new ones.

Another benefit of email lists is that it is low in cost and can be automated.

Through content calendars, you can schedule out your content at optimal times where your audience is more likely to click on and read the email.

Lastly, according to recent studies, customers prefer companies that communicate with them through emails.

In fact,

72% of customers say that email is their favorite form of communication with companies that they do business with.

How Do I Get More Email Subscribers? – 7 Best Practices to Use Today

Now that you’ve set up your email opt-in button, how do you successfully grow an email list?

Below are seven helpful tips.

1. Post opt-in link to your organization’s social media channels

An easy way to attract even more people to your funnel/email opt-in form is to advertise it on social media.

Create content for all of your social media platforms that incentivize people to sign up for your emails in exchange for the bribe you are offering. See the next step for more details.

Facebook ads or advertising on other social platforms can also help you tap into new circles with potential customers.

2. Offer free educational content

Give your audience a strong incentive when they sign up for your emails, like offering a free download of a recent ebook you have published or access to an upcoming webinar your company is hosting.

This can help showcase your expertise when you offer educational content.

3.  Split test wording

Like with any marketing content, it’s important to test various versions to make sure your call-outs are effective with your current and future customers.

Brainstorm different versions of opt-in wording that uses your organization’s voice and tone.

You can also test the placement of the opt-in button as well as changing out your funnel’s images and graphics.

ClickFunnels has helpful guides that make it easy to split test email opt-in verbiage within your funnels.

4.  Look for other areas to plug in an email opt-in button

Are you taking full advantage of plugging in email opt-in buttons or wording within your other funnels and published content?

In addition to social media channels, take a look at your employees’ email signatures, blog posts, or other funnels to find areas to plug it in.

For first time buyers, adding an email opt-in button to a shipping confirmation email is a great way to grab a new and engaged customer.

Remember to find natural ways to plug in an email opt-in button so you don’t overwhelm or worse, disengage your customers.

5. Offer value to your customers

Throughout this article we’ve mentioned content — webinars, ebooks, etc. — that can motivate customers to join your email list.

Example of an Incentive to walk in the store.

However, it’s really the quality of your content that encourages customers to opt-in to your emails because of the higher value you bring to the table.

So make sure that you produce content that appeals and properly educates your audience.

Producing high quality and valuable content can help instil trust with your audience, which again plays a role in growing your audience.

6. Customer reviews

Take advantage of the power of social proof.

Gather positive customer reviews that relate to the content and emails you produce that will help encourage your outside audience to sign up for your email list.

Then, brainstorm creative ways to prominently display the customer reviews within your funnel.

7. Creative call-to-action

This tip is for customers already subscribed to your email list — encourage them to forward your emails and share other content within their personal circles.

Your content is meant to be shared,

so create an engaging online culture where your customers are motivated to share what you’ve sent them.

This is an easy way to not only grow your audience but help create a sense of unity with your online community.

Just be sure that when they share your content, you have an easy to find email opt-in button for them to click on.

As you can see, there are many best practices that you can start implementing today in your sales funnel.

Growing your email list takes time, creativity, and attention to audience engagement.

When you take the time to implement email opt-in strategies, you’re not only engaging your audience, but you’re expanding your reach.

How ClickFunnels Can Help

ClickFunnels is a great sales funnel tool to use for your business and has the resources to help you create and maintain a growing email list.

We make it simple for any entrepreneur to build their own sales funnels in just minutes, all without needing to rely on a team of techies.

With ClickFunnels, you’ll build high converting and clean sales funnels.

Everything you need to build and launch your sales funnel is pre-developed and automatically pieced together for your company, so you have a seamless and fast set up.

If you want to give it a try, ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial. Test it out and see the growth you have with your customers.

How have you grown your email lists? What tips and tricks work the best for you when increasing email opt-ins? Sound off in the comments below!

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