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Hakar Mahmoud: The Swedish Fitness Influencer Who Made It Big in Hollywood

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You often hear about Hollywood stars keeping their fitness regime a secret.

While some of them are quite vague about sharing fitness tips, most of them prefer to keep shut.

But fortunately, we have with us today one of the most popular fitness influencers in Hollywood, Mr. Hakar Mahmoud, who is ready to spill the beans and give you inside information to staying fit like your favorite Hollywood stars. Let’s all take a listen to his fascinating journey.

Q: We are honored to have you amongst us, Mr. Mahmoud. Can you start by answering the burning question as to how Hollywood superstars keep themselves fit?

A: Thanks to you for inviting me here today. To answer your question, I would like to say it’s the determination of the actors. It impresses me every time I see someone coming back from a long shoot and still finding time to hit the gym and work out. I think it’s the desire to stay on top of your game that enables them to keep working hard. Many even say that fitness is a part of their lifestyle. You cannot take their 2 hours at the gym away from their lives. 

Q: That brings us to our next question, how you deal with film promotions?

A: Honestly, I never imagined I would become a part of this glittering industry when I started. I kept focusing on two things: fitness and digital marketing. Fortunately, both of them clicked, and it’s been a satisfying journey so far. 

My journey with film promotions is based on the experience I have with digital marketing. From promoting films on my social media page to monitoring the views on YouTube, a lot goes into promoting a Hollywood movie. My staff oversees the entire process to ensure that we reach our target audience and get our message across.

Q: How does it feel to walk down the red carpet with some of the world’s most famous stars?

A: Again, I never imagined I would be here when I first started. Most of the time, it still feels like a dream. My sole objective was to focus on my fitness and learn how to train people. What happened later was hard work, dedication, and a lot of luck. But yes, it does feel nice to see the on-screen stars right in front of you. It’s a surreal feeling that I can’t express in words. 

Q: Do these stars talk in detail about their fitness goals? 

A: Of course. And I encourage everyone to talk to their fitness trainers about what you want to achieve in the next couple of months. Trust me; it makes the work of a fitness trainer a lot easier. I always try to make everyone feel comfortable while talking to me. I think gaining trust first goes a long way to keeping in touch with these stars. 

Well, that was quite some inside information about stars whom we all love. We wish you a prosperous career and hope to see you in many film promotions in the future.

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