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How to choose a robot vacuum for hardwood floors

robotic vacuum cleaner on laminate wood floor smart cleaning tec

Modern Robot Vacuums are essential tools for cleaning dirt, dust, allergens and pet hairs from hardwood floors and carpets at micron levels.

A roller type vacuum cleaner is excellent for carpet cleaning but can cause scratches on hardwood floors. Hence, scratch-free cleaning can be done with a vacuum having soft bristle in contrary to roller type cleaners. The selection of proper Vacuum cleaner is a tedious and challenging job. Owing to its multifunctional abilities, some important features are discussed for a selection Dreame F9 Robot Vacuum cleaner for hardwood floor.

Powerful Suction

A good hardwood cleaning must have a strong and powerful suction tool to clean up to 90 % of pet hair, pet dander, sand, allergens, and any kind of dust and dirt. It should automatically adjust its suction power according to surface type. Dreame F9 robot vacuum cleaner has assigned score listed on the frame for defined suction capacity for carpets and hardwood floors. The vacuum cleaner has average suction power between 250-480W whereas the overall power rating of the device is in the range of 1.5 KW to 3.0 KW.

Sensors for smart home skills applications

The bot should seamlessly go from carpet to wood floor and adjust its roller speed to prevent scattering of debris and damages to the floor using floor sense technology. IR and anti-fall sensors will automatically detect obstacles and avoid falls by sensing gaps on floor, respectively.

Battery run-time (wireless bots)

Cordless bots make it convenient for hard to reach places such as stairs, ceilings and other hidden places. Since the power is consumed by suction pump, robot wheels and other parts of the system, battery run-time is an important feature for enhanced suction power and prolonged use in these hard and hidden areas.

Floor Mapping for single and multiple rooms

Modern Vacuum bots can efficiently navigate around furniture’s and cover corners and more ground by employing LIDAR laser technology for mapping in single and multiple rooms.


A key feature for handling smart bots is its weight. A good vacuum should have light weight and able to clean difficult areas where heavy weight cleaners are hard to be lifted and used properly. Weight of the system also affects the overall battery life cycle of the system.

Noise Level

Noise level is another important feature for selection of vacuum cleaners. Noisy vacuum cleaners are irritating and tend to horrify pets (cats and dogs) and child in a house. A good vacuum cleaner should have noise below 70 dB, bearable to humans and pets.

HEPA Filter

HEPA filtration is a standard developed by the United States Energy Commission. HEPA filters are the world’s most efficient way to filter the air from dirt, pollen, bacteria and any particle in the air larger than 0.3 in size.
They are used in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and electronics companies, etc. to remove all fine dust. To be called HEPA, a filter must remove 99.97% of 0.3 micron particles.

The filters used in the Air & Me product line are between 0.1 and 0.3 microns.

Dustbins with self-emptying feature

Dreame F9 has two layer dustbin and filtration system and having 600 ml Maximum Dustbin Capacity.

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