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How to find the best luggage storage service in London in 2020


London is a busy city where you can visit many tourist destinations. Millions of travelers come to London every year to immerse themselves in the city’s beauty and overall aesthetics.

Discussing the long list of tourist attractions, you cannot miss Big Ben, London Eye, London Bridge, Soho, Trafalgar Square, Canary Wharf lights, Oxford Street’s shopping, the London Zoo, Buckingham Palace, and much more. But imagine being a first-time traveler here or having too many luggage bags to carry. It can be quite daunting if you do not use luggage storage services.

Luggage storage services are essential for every traveler in London. It not only helps you to store your luggage safely but also allows you to move around freely. You do not need to change your plans according to the baggage you are carrying. On the contrary, you can leave your bags in the safe custody of Vertoe and explore the magnificent city to the fullest. There are several benefits of choosing Vertoe as your luggage storage partner. Continue reading ahead to know more.

Why do you need luggage storage in London?

It is no secret that London is a big city. There are several things you need to do and see there. Since it is a significant tourist attraction and enjoys high traffic throughout the year, the city is blessed with an excellent transport system. You can opt for the tube lines, buses, or taxi services if you need to get from one location to another. Out of these, tubes are the cheapest while you can also buy a day pass to use the machines and buses with the same ticket. Alternatively, an Oyster card allows passengers to travel in the public transport system

While it is exciting to travel in London tubes, crowds can be quite a menace. The rush hours can be crazy, and going with extra bags on you is an unwise decision. But where can you leave your bags? Read ahead to know of tips to find the best luggage storage in London.

How to find the best luggage storage?

Look for pocket-friendly luggage storage London services. Since London is anyway expensive in terms of food and living, it feels great to save in other ways. Thus, there is a complete guarantee that you will not have to pay extra. Innumerable past users have compared Vertoe to other companies and reached this conclusion.

  • Is there any assurance of luggage safety?

Luggage safety is a primary concern of travelers in London. Since it is such a big city, you must ensure that you do not leave your bags alone. The tube stations and shops often have boards and announcements that you must be responsible for your belongings. Do not trust anyone without knowing them. In such a situation, roaming around the city becomes difficult with luggage bags.

Vertoe provides exceptional luggage storage London services. With an insurance cover for every user, the company is always cautious with your valuables. Thus, it is a win-win situation for travelers. However, you must ensure to label your bags correctly to reduce the chances of misplacement.

  • Is there a convenient online booking facility?

The world is going digital in every way possible. Vertoe allows users to book luggage space online in advance. It saves you time and effort as you do not need to stand in long queues anymore. There are multiple options that you can choose. With an approximate measurement of your bag, book the space online. Moreover, there is a free last-minute cancellation, so you do not need to worry about any extra payments and fines.

  • Can you choose from multiple storage plans?

Last but not least, you can choose from multiple storage plans. While most of the luggage storage London services provide only daily programs and spaces, Vertoe allows you to pick from daily, weekly, and monthly plans. It means that you do not need to rush to collect your luggage at the end of the day. You can store the luggage for as long as you want.

What can you do around London?

After having read so much about left luggage London facilities, it is essential to know about the things that you can do around London. You can drop your extra bags at Vertoe and head out to the counties around London. Out of these, Surrey is one of the most well-known counties that is home to the University of Surrey. It is the perfect way to explore the country-side and escape the city’s traffic.

Surrey has several clubs, shopping facilities, multi-cuisine restaurants, and more that make it the perfect spot for a weekend getaway near London. You may also visit other places such as Reading, Bicester Village, and South Hampton.

Bicester is a paradise for shoppers where you can find multiple leading brands. After you are done with all your exploration, head back to Vertoe, and collect your items.

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