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Khofiz Shakhidi: Jefferson Capital activities in Monaco

Khofiz Shakhidi

Over the years, Jefferson Capital has gone from an idea and a business plan to a major league of companies.

Its co-owner, Khofiz Shakhidi, a successful entrepreneur from Tajikistan is not like most local entrepreneurs and businessmen, just like his company is not like any domestic financial institution.

But how did Mr Shakhidi manage to build such business? What lessons he learned and what knowledge he is ready to share? Read about this and more in this article.

What is Jefferson Capital?

Jefferson Capital is a well-known company founded by Tajik entrepreneur Khofiz Shakhidi, which is currently engaged in a project in Monaco.

As is well known, the company’s main focus is on the analysis of investments, as well as risk management. These two areas are the most demanded and relevant in the whole world. And the experience of such famous professionals as Khofiz Shakhidi only advance this area of finance.

As for the services of the company, Jefferson Capital provides a wide selection of various trading services: from M&A to concluding private equity transactions and conducting financial brokerage operations.

Khofiz Shakhidi and Monaco project

The project is just beginning its work, but much has already become known about it. The bulk of the work will be on the construction of an elite residential complex in Monaco. According to the data provided, the project also includes the construction of universal commercial facilities together with underground parking.

According to experts, the company took on great responsibility by taking on the construction of a new property in Monaco. Indeed, from the residential complex, it is important to build the needed infrastructure for people. Therefore, the company is not only engaged in the construction of the complex, but also in laying roads to the city centre.

Khofiz Shakhidi and his family

Khofiz Shakhidi grew up in the family of the Tajik aristocracy. His mother is a successful writer, and his father is a world-famous composer. So it is not surprising that Khofiz always grew up with the desire to reach the highest levels.

His brothers grew up in the same way, who look up the example of parents and the successful experience of the brother. Both also became successful businessmen, the elder brother is the president of the Empire of Music in Russia agency, and the younger one works in the asset management of Jefferson Capital.

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