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Khofiz Shakhidi: more about an influential businessman


Many have heard of Khofiz Shakhidi, someone even wants to become like him when he graduates. Of course, all the same, we are talking about the head of Jefferson Capital. Whom does the businessman thank for his success? How did the company he co-owns become one of the most powerful of its kind? Read more about Khofiz Shakhidi in our material. 

Khofiz Shakhidi stubbornly walked towards his goal. He has held various leadership positions in the financial world. Now the businessman is a co-owner of a large company Jefferson Capital.

Jefferson Capital: what is this company

A well-known businessman is a co-owner of a company that specializes in investment analysis. Also, Jefferson Capital is involved in risk management. These two areas are always relevant in the world. And great professionals such as Khofiz Shakhidi are invaluable with their experience.

Jefferson Capital provides options for trading services. The company has its broker services for mergers and acquisitions. Jefferson Capital conducts financial brokerage and private equity transactions. So what we see? This company takes on complex tasks and performs them perfectly. Therefore, the business is afloat and gives excellent results.

This company is the real pride of a businessman. Now Jefferson Capital is actively engaged in a new real estate project, which is located in Monaco. We remind you that Khofiz Shakhidi lives in this city (although born a businessman from Tajikistan).

Some information about the new project

Returning to the theme of real estate in Monaco. Jefferson Capital led by Khofiz Shakhidi plans to implement a project that will have a living space of social and luxury housing. Even the construction of universal commercial facilities along with underground parking is planned. All for the convenience of the inhabitants of Monaco!

New real estate in the city is a big responsibility. After all, from the residential complex, it is necessary to build the necessary infrastructure for people. Therefore, Jefferson Capital, along with Khofiz Shakhidi began to develop new road connections. They will be built so that residents of the new building can walk to the city center.

Successful projects, hard work, and implementation. Khofiz Shakhidi perfectly copes with all the goals set. Jefferson City will have a great future in the future if such a person is at the head!

Who raised a successful businessman?

Success and fame in the financial field is the merit of the businessman’s parents. If the child has good parents, then often he will choose the right path in life. Khofiz Shakhidi grew up in a creative family: mother wrote several books, and father is a famous composer. Of course, a man is talented in another field but talented!

In addition to talented and accomplished parents, Khofiz has no less successful brothers. The elder brother of the businessman is the president of the Empire of Music in Russia agency, and the younger one works in the asset management of Jefferson Capital. The younger brother took an example from Khofiz Shakhidi!

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