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PIBEXA review – What perks does this broker offer?


If you have looked into the prerequisites of becoming a trader, then you are probably aware that finding a broker is one of the top ones.

You don’t need to have any prior skill or knowledge to start trading, but you cannot do it if you don’t have a broker to assist you. This was true even before online trading became a concept and continues till today. Brokers provide the trading platform and the instruments needed for trading, along with resources and tools that can come in handy. Online brokers have increased exponentially in the last decade or so with the growth of trading, which means there are plenty of options for you to explore.

You are free to explore as much as you like, keeping in mind that some brokers could be frauds or downright scams. These are the ones you need to steer clear of because they can entrap you into their irresistible schemes and result in heavy losses on your part. There are a number of legitimate and genuine brokers out there as well and PIBEXA will stand out in this crowd. Operating from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, this is a CFD broker that has climbed to the top of the market extremely quickly and this is primarily because of its focus and dedication to delivering the best services to its clients.

The fact that it is a new brokerage can often prompt people to question PIBEXA and their reasons for choosing this broker over other experienced ones in the market. Why should you go for it? Here are some perks that PIBEXA offers that not many brokers can provide to their customers:

It offers multiple trading platforms

One of the first and most prominent benefits that people can enjoy with PIBEXA is the fact that it has three different types of trading platforms to offer for accommodating all kinds of traders. If you are someone who doesn’t like a complicated platform, the WebTrader is exactly what you need since it can be accessed easily through the web browser, offering stability, speed as well as social trading. The MT4 is for traders who enjoy advanced, sophisticated and secure trading solutions. You can download it for free and enjoy numerous charting tools, trading alerts and indicators. A MobileTrader app is also provided for iOS and Android systems and allows people to trade on the go without any hassle.

It comes with a demo account

If you have any doubts about a broker, their trading platform or their conditions, the best way to verify them is through a demo account. Most of the shady and unregulated brokers out there don’t give this option because they know they will be caught. As PIBEXA is not one of them, it has given its clients the opportunity to test its services through a demo account. You will be able to use virtual currency in this account, which means your real money is not at risk. It can be used for getting in some practice and testing your trading strategies before you move to a live trading account.

It provides plenty of leverage

Another appealing feature that traders like about PIBEXA is that the broker provides them with plenty of leverage. With leverage, you can open bigger positions than your capital would allow. For instance, a leverage of 10x means that you can open a position worth $1,000 even if you have just $100 in your account. This means that you can earn high returns with even a small investment. The amount of leverage you get at PIBEXA will depend on what account you open with the broker and the asset you decide to trade. The leverage starts at 1:5 and can go as high as 1:200.

It gives traders room to diversify

The list of trading instruments that you can trade via a broker are important because they determine if you can diversify or not. PIBEXA gives its clients plenty of room to diversify because they have added a huge range of instruments to their platform. You can trade hundreds of stocks of different companies all over the globe, including some very prominent names. If you are more interested in commodities, PIBEXA enables you to trade agricultural products, energies and even precious metals. You also have stock indices at your disposal and most importantly, tons of foreign currency pairs that you can invest in.

It provides access to resources and tools

It is not just experience and knowledge that separates a successful trader from the rest. It is also their access to the right trading tools and resources. There are traders out there who have knowledge and skill, but lack of tools can often cause them to make mistakes. With PIBEXA, you don’t have to trade in any market without the right tools needed. The broker has gone to great lengths to add cutting-edge tools to their trading platforms, which include an economic calendar for keeping up with market events, an expiry calendar, live market news and current prices and copy trading feature. PIBEXA also organizers webinars and analyst sessions and has added educational resources like e-books and videos to assist traders.

It has accessible customer support

PIBEXA has made an effort to provide accessible and reliable customer support to its clients. They have a dedicated phone line for dealing with urgent queries. There is also a web contact form available on their website that can be used for sending in a complaint or concern. An email address is also provided for the clients’ convenience. Along with these channels, the broker has added an FAQ section that can be used to learn about the basic features of the broker to save people from the hassle of having to get in touch with customer support.

Final Verdict

If you compare PIBEXA with the rest of the brokers in the market, you will come to see that its trading conditions, banking methods and its account plans, all help it in providing comprehensive and efficient trading services.

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