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Put your best voice forward: The importance of work phone etiquette

Phone call

Whether it’s a potential customer or a valued customer calling, having proper phone etiquette is a great way to show the professionalism of your company.

Customer service is the gateway to your business. It can make or break the impression of your customers or prospects and in this line of business, a friendly and professional tone goes a long way.

Let’s talk a bit about the importance of great phone etiquette and look into some tips you can use for improvement.

Why Phone Etiquette Matters

When you speak with someone over the phone, you’re relying strictly on verbal cues. They can’t pick up on your body language or demeanor so it’s necessary to go out of the way to make the person on the other end of the line feel that you value their concerns or questions. Great customer service is so important there are solutions out there to make it easier. Learn about the differences between two of them–Zendesk vs Freshdesk.

Here are some ways to make sure nothing is lost in translation (and that your customers stick around).

Start with a Proper Introduction

Before you get to specifics, take the time to introduce yourself to the customer. Tell them your name, thank them for calling and then ask how you can help them. While you’re doing this remember our next point…

Be Enthusiastic

Even if you aren’t in a great mood or you’re feeling under the weather, the customer should never pick up on that. You should sound interested and anxious to help. I

f the caller was angry about an issue, answering with enthusiasm and showing true concern for their issue can help defuse the situation before it’s too late. Conversely, if they pick up on your bad mood, it will simply escalate theirs and you could lose a customer.

Speak Clearly

Speak clearly and enunciate your words to ensure each customer can easily understand you. Don’t rush through your narrative, otherwise, they may feel like they are being rushed off the phone…take the time to show each customer that they are important to your business.

Maintain Professionalism

Customer service is not the time for colloquialisms or slang. Leave that for your coworkers or after hours.

You never want to answer the phone too casually or interrupt while the customer is speaking. Take time to hear their questions or concerns, wait for them to finish and then offer a solution or feedback.


Yes, that’s right…smile. They may not see it but they’ll hear it in your voice. Good phone etiquette starts with a smile, on every single call.

Reaping the Benefits of Great Customer Service

Customers can be your business’s greatest advocates. They can also do a lot of damage to your brand if they are unhappy. You can avoid this by ensuring everyone on your customer service team follows the rules of good phone etiquette.

Speak to customers the way you would like to be spoken to–with concern, professionalism and a great attitude.

Your customers will notice and eventually, the success of your brand will reflect it.

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