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Reviewed: HP Spectre Folio

HP has dominated the laptop market from the beginning and it has introduces slim and smart designs. The newer models by HP are very sleek and give a premium classy look.

HP has dominated the laptop market from the beginning and it has introduces slim and smart designs. The newer models by HP are very sleek and give a premium classy look.

One of the recent models introduced by HP is the HP Spectre Folio. It is an ultrabook that comes with a leather exterior. This device can be used as a tab as well. It very portable and classy. HP Spectre Folio is the first leather convertible to be ever introduced. The look of the convertible laptop that can be turned into a tablet is mesmerizing.

Laptops were taken initially as fashionable, but HP changed the whole story when it introduced Spectre series. Now, laptops are like fashion accessories. And now that HP has launched the world’s first leather convertible, it’s all set to dominate the market again and dazzle its customers with its innovation. What does leather convertible actually mean? The new HP Spectre Folio is basically an ultrabook only, but it seems like it has been made entirely out of leather. This means, the screen can be placed in two positions or you can completely turn it to use it as a tablet. What a wonderful model HP Spectre Folio is! Let’s take a good look at its pros and cons to come to a valid conclusion about the device. Also you can buy this device using Paytm Mall Coupons with great offers.


The convertible isn’t actually made out of leather, but it surely looks like it is. There is a thick outer cost of premium quality leather. This leather exterior makes it look very classy and attractive. There is no other laptop in the market resembling this design, thus, this makes it even more appealing. HP Spectre Folio will provide a very premium and elite feel as you will use it and carry it around.

As the laptop is closed, it resembles a folder, mainly because of its leather cover. Also, other ultra-books seem light, but HP Spectre Folio won’t be light and you will feel like you’re holding some high quality device, which gives it additional royal feel.

It might not fit the light weight trend of ultra-books but it is perfectly heavy as a laptop. Many customers will surely appreciate the way it has been made the way it feels to hold it and work on it.

Performance and Features

HP Spectre Folio has all the basic features. There might be other ultra-books similar to it or faster and better than it in some areas. Technically, that doesn’t actually matter as the day to day tasks that are performed on a laptop can be very comfortably and smoothly performed on it. Be it web browsing, video editing or exploring social media, everything works flawlessly. It has windows 10, which is a basic feature that comes in a laptop of this range. The performance is satisfactory with lag or trouble.

Touch Pad and Keyboard

HP has always worked well on their keyboard and touch pads and just like the rest of the models, the keyboard and touch pad of HP Spectre Folio is comfortable and convenient too. Spacing between the keys is perfect and you can easily type on it without feeling exhausted. The touch response on the touch pad is quick. You can very easily perform gestures on the touch pad. The surface of the touch pad is enough but it would have been more convenient if the surface area was more.

Battery Life

Battery life is another highlight of this leather convertible laptop. HP Spectre Folio will easily last for over ten hours on a regular working day where you check emails, browse the web and stream through social media. Other ultra-books don’t have a good battery life.

So, this makes this convertible ultrabook better there as well.  In terms of battery life various options available in the market and one can avail those using Mobikwik Coupons at discounted prices.


The one of a kind laptop, HP Spectre Folio, is surely very unique with its features and looks, but it costs more and is not a budget laptop. The market price of the model is INR 199990 and that’s way too high for a laptop. The battery life and other features make it a very good choice but the cost is a drawback here. Thus, it will be for those who can spend that much amount for a laptop for its exclusive looks and battery life.

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