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The industries that benefit from a pandemic are online

Online gambling

A missed opportunity

The Netherlands has already given the green light on allowing online casinos to operate from the country. They planned to make this decision legal in the last year, but it was postponed to 2021. This will mean that profits of online casinos operating from the Netherlands can’t be taxed at the moment since operating an online casino to make profits is currently illegal in the country. However, online gambling isn’t. The result of this restriction is that Dutch people find online casinos that operate from any country that isn’t the Netherlands and spend their money there, resulting in profits for that country. A missed opportunity for the Dutch tax system which they hope to change in 2021.

Technology regulations and a lockdown helped online casinos grow

Online casinos are heavily influenced by the pandemic and global regulations, but also by technology. While the latest tech giants develop all possible tools to allow users to play, use, and work with phones and tablets, online casinos adjust to these technologies in the blink of an eye. They made user-friendliness their top priority and worked closely with the best developers to provide the best gaming experience. Most slot machines in online casinos can be played from a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Above that, paying online has been made flexible and reliable resulting in a more transparent and safer way of online gambling.

A stable and resilient investment

Since online gambling has been made easily accessible and more countries come to realize the economic power of online casinos, this also creates more opportunity. When looking for an investment, this market could bear fruit in the short term without big risks. Especially when taking the pandemic into consideration, this market seems stable and strongly growing with a backbone to benefit from an even heavier lockdown. Online activities of any kind have shown to be resilient and flexible during this pandemic and now might be the last chance to benefit from this development too.

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