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Top business tips for opticians


Whether you are an established business owner, or just starting out, it’s safe to say there are bumps in the road either way!

The road to success is never a smooth one, and it helps to keep an eye out for business tips and advice from others in the industry.

An independent optician has a lot of competition from various other independent practices, as well as the national big chains, but they are often the practice of choice for patients looking for a good service. If you are hoping to set up an independent optician, or you are looking for help in improving your existing business, follow this business advice for opticians.

1. Having the right equipment

Today’s patient is tech-savvy and tends to choose the most convenient option, as well as expecting a high standard of customer service. In a digital age where everything is much more personalised than before, your practice should take note of this.

Having the right equipment to ensure a fully functioning practice is an absolute must. From measuring devices to furniture, the most up-to-date technology can add a professional wow factor to your business.

Having the right optical equipment can help you to differentiate from your competitors, as well as offering a more digitally-driven service that so many are now attracted to.

2. Practice set-up and layout

Making sure your practice is welcoming and easy to navigate is essential for retaining customers, as is the same with many other types of businesses. This can have a positive effect on business growth and further success.

Offering patients digital display units or advertising content to browse while they wait can be instrumental in making a sale. The same goes for the eye examination room. It is key that your furniture is easily accessible and comfortable, and that everything works seamlessly together.

Take some time to look at the layout of your shop front and the rooms in the back, ensuring everything is in the right place and makes sense.

3. Working with the right staff

Your staff can have a huge impact on the success of your business, no matter what industry you work in. It is key that your staff are well-trained and have great customer service skills. After all, they are the face of your business, and should come across friendly and knowledgeable.

Make sure your staff are familiar with the technology in your practice, and ensure they are able to provide suitable answers to some of the most popular questions asked by customers. This could include anything from the eye examination process, lens types or frame designs.

4. Perfecting your business model

Important factors like profit margins and industry shifts might not be at the top of your priority list; after all, you’re busy dispensing lenses and carrying out eye examinations. However, without an effective business model, you are less likely to grow and experience success.

It’s important that you are able to capitalise on new opportunities, adapt to market changes and devise an effective strategy that builds on your strengths and weaknesses.

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