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Trump’s Bid for 2nd Scottish Golf Course finalized: What you can learn from his golf empire

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President Donald Trump’s golfing empire is about to get bigger by one course after local officials, known as councilors in Scotland, approved plans for a second golf course at his Aberdeenshire golf resort.

The development deal with the council for the new golf course includes the plan of constructing 550 new homes in the pastureland and forest area that surrounds the resort that rests along the North Sea coastline.

Trump International’s plan will cost roughly 150 million pounds and include areas set aside for retail and commercial businesses.

The original golf course at the Aberdeen estate is known as one of the finest in all of Scotland, ranking high on several golfing magazine lists for the best courses in the country.

The move to build the second golf course is one of the most ambitious golfing projects that Trump International has taken since Donald Trump took the office of the presidency. Many believe that the second golf course and housing development on the property are being pushed forward to stem losses from the first Trump’s course. The Aberdeen course, his first course in Europe, has suffered losses in each year since opening under the Trump name in 2012.

The Trump Organization has already begun to market the homes before they have broken ground on the project with starting prices reaching $1.5 million in some instances. If the Trump team is successful in creating this golf slash housing project, it would be a first for the company as they’ve never built homes on a large scale before. In the past, the company has built condos and a small number of clustered homes in certain areas, but nothing this massive in scale.

Trump’s golfing empire now stretches to 16 courses all across America and into Europe, with a couple located in the United Arab Emirates, specifically Dubai.

The acquisition of his sprawling portfolio of world-class golf courses has been fueled by several life lessons that the President has carried with him throughout the years and offer entrepreneurs a road map to building their own empire. He famously never gives up, and hates when projects go overtime and/or over-budget, as much as he dislikes dogs.

Here are five tips from President Trump’s golf empire that will set you on the path to accomplishing your dreams.

Lesson #1: Always Be Hands-On with a Project

With every golf course that Trump acquires, he is hands-on with the renovation or, in some instances, the new construction. There are no details too small for Mr. Trump, and he keeps his eye on creating a cost-conscious yet luxury experience at each of his courses.

As Mr. Trump told Cigar Aficionado in the fall of 2015, “I put a lot in myself. I do want the courses to be of championship caliber,” says Trump. “I think you could take anyone of my clubs and hold a tournament there. Some are to the highest standards of golf. I would almost say that every course I own is virtually tournament ready.”

Lesson #2: Dream Big For All Your Projects

One thing that Mr. Trump revels in is the grand scale of his business projects, especially when it comes to his golf courses. The second course at the Aberdeen property is a prime example of Trump International expanding their business reach by attempting to build over 500 homes on a property for the first time in their history.

The golf side of Mr. Trump’s business projects allows the company to put forth grand ambitions for what a course can look like and the luxury that it can provide its customers. The lesson here is that dreaming big and questioning how your business can expand to grow your reach can lead to significant success.

Lesson #3: All Attention is Good Attention

President Trump is not one to back away from a controversy that causes a furor in the press. But for him, there is no such thing as bad attention for your brand. For Trump’s golf courses, the President has faced a mountain of obstacles that he’s overcome and used to enhance the mystique of the property and the Trump golfing brand.

After Trump became President, initiation fees at several of his courses were raised by the company. Although that has caused a stir among watchdog groups, the Trump Organization has used the attention of the presidency to boost the allure of their golfing properties.

Lesson #4: Finish Your Projects

One of the biggest business traits that have helped President Trump in the golfing world is that he is known as a developer that finishes his projects and sees them through to the very end. Take for example, his course at Ferry Point Park in New York City. After the city struggled for two decades to get the course finished, the former landfill became the baby of Donald Trump.

The Jack Nicklaus-designed course became a passion project for the soon-to-be President and years of red tape, and legal snafus were cleared, and the course was completed. Roughly ten minutes from Manhattan, the Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point is one of the President’s most elegant golf properties and one of the best public golf courses in the state – perfect to try out your latest forged irons.

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