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Vinyl labels: How to make your products stand out


When launching a new product online or in a traditional store, the importance of a memorable first impression cannot be overstated.

Precisely where the visual impact of the product’s packaging comes into the equation, which in many instances will be determined by the effectiveness with which it is labelled.

Long story short – making quality label design and printing an afterthought when launching a new product can be a recipe for disaster.

Capitalising on Your Investment

When the time comes to design and print your product’s labels, chances are you’ll have already invested vast amounts of time, effort and money into its research and development. You’ll also be investing heavily in a promotional campaign and/or marketing strategy for your new product, in order to ensure it gets off to the best possible start.

Cutting corners on labelling and packaging quality (such as using cheap labels rather than specialist glass labels for such a product) at such a late stage is inadvisable. Instead, it’s important to capitalise on your investment to date by ensuring your product has maximum visual value and sends a strong message to your target audience.

Both online and offline, visuals carry much more punch than any other type of marketing content. Whether or not anyone takes the time to read your product’s packaging in full and consider buying it will often be determined exclusively by the extent to which its visual appeal attracts their attention.

How to Make the Most of Your Product Launch

If approaching the launch of a new product and looking to make an immediate impact on your target audience, here are a few tips and guidelines you may find useful:

Ensure it reflects your brand

Above all else, it’s essential to ensure that the packaging and labelling represents an accurate reflection of your brand. Think about the way you present the rest of your products and your brand as a whole, bringing clear and characteristic elements into your labelling and packaging decisions.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Product packaging that’s generic and uninspiring never carries a strong message.  Precisely why it is important to make your packaging as distinctive as possible – something to distinguish your products and your brand as a whole from your competitors. Don’t be afraid to be bold – whatever it takes to grab their attention.

Get Creative

When designing and printing custom printed labels for your product packaging, a little creativity can go a long way. This applies to all aspects of the labels’ print – their shape, design, size, combination of colours and even how you affix them to your products (or packaging). Consider how your competitors are packaging/labelling similar products and think how you can do things better.

Focus on the Hook

It is essential to ensure that your product packaging features some kind of hook. That being, one clearly identifiable quality, characteristic or snippet of information that makes the customer want to learn more. Consider what the most appealing/defining characteristic of the product itself is, making sure it becomes the primary focus of your packaging or labels.

For more information on effective product label design or to discuss any of our label printing services in more detail, contact a member of the team at today.

Craig Upton

Craig Upton helps UK business owners increase sales growth using various revenue streams online. Creating strategic partnerships and keen focus to detail, Craig equips websites with the right tools to increase traffic and conversions. Craig is the owner of, a UK based company and has been working in the digital marketing arena since 1999. A trusted entrepreneur, SEO consultant and trainer, Craig has worked with popular British brands and SMEs gain exposure online. Getting his face out there, Craig is committed to creating new opportunities working with British companies – [email protected]

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