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VR in gambling: Waiting for the newest bingo sites

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The farther, the more tangible modern opportunities affect the gambling industry. Gambling experts agree that the future of gambling is a VR casino.

It is soon predicted that VR gadgets will become more accessible and in demand, so the prospects of casinos with virtual reality are quite difficult to overestimate.

What is meant by the concept of “virtual reality”? This technology provides an opportunity to recreate fictional worlds in a virtual space that can be sensed with eyes and ears. Extensive research is underway in the field of transmission of touch and even sense of smell.

The main feature of the technology is that the range of its application is almost unlimited. Any kind and desired format – the only limitation is the imagination of the developers. VR-gambling at the moment is beginning to take on its characteristics, so everyone can take part in the formation and improvement of VR-casinos.

Modern manufacturers are actively exploring new opportunities, as the promising direction has become more than obvious. It is worth mentioning the AR format (augmented reality), which many land-based casinos are already interested in. Using this technology, you can create a mixed reality with elements of virtual graphics in living space. Due to such opportunities, casino operators will be able to attract new users and highlight the project among competitors.

And if you think that the changes will affect only the latest achievements of the gaming industry, you are mistaken! Even in such classics of the genre as lotto and bingo, you should wait for your breakthrough! For example, the full effect of being present during a bingo party is just around the corner. Click to read more about it.

VR Casino: What Is It

A casino with virtual reality is an institution that was created following the terms of reference and allows the gambler to 100% immerse himself in the game process using specialized equipment. This is not just an intermediate stage, combining reality with online gambling. VR-casino is something that destroys any patterns and opens up new, previously unknown borders.

In a VR casino, there is no framework. When it comes to a ground club, there are limitations in terms of territory, problems with layout and regional rules, and gambling equipment. In turn, the VR format is limited only by the imagination of the developer.

VR is a messenger from the future, and this is an obvious fact. If earlier technology quietly knocked on our door with knuckles, today they drum on the door with their feet. The operator, which is one of the first to integrate software for VR-casinos in its platform, will further dictate its own rules to the market. Therefore, pay attention to the newest bingo sites, so as not to miss the moment when virtual reality will become a part of the game.

Advantages of VR Casino:

  • Maximum realism (sensation of direct presence);
  • Interaction in real-time and fully immersed place with other participants;
  • New impressions of old gambling;
  • Broad prospects for the development and implementation of the most ambitious ideas.

What Is Special About Virtual Reality Casinos

For the game, the gambler will need specialized gadgets – a VR helmet or VR glasses. Almost all IT giants presented their developments: Samsung released Gear VR, HTC – Vive. But the best product on the market at the moment is Oculus Rift.

Creating a VR casino is a deep and eventful process with an incredibly extensive amount of work. It takes four times as long to implement all the stages than is required for a regular online gambling project. But recently the developers promise to reduce the time by several times. Corresponding trends are already evident today.

When Will VR Casino Become Ubiquitous?

At the moment, you can see how technological progress is moving towards the fact that techniques of VR will soon be used in almost all areas of human activity. They are used in the field of medicine (improving skills for complex operations, etc.), education (practice shows that an interactive lesson is much more effective). Architecture, automotive, military, and other industries — VR capabilities are already in use today.

The gambling sphere is ideally suited for applying modern opportunities, as the future of the gaming business is focused on VR and AR. The sooner the market participants penetrate this thought, the faster the new era of gambling will come.

In the next two to three years, a significant shift is expected in this direction. And starting in 2020, a casino with virtual reality will become a mass phenomenon. The exact timing depends on the operators, owners and regulators.

The latter can be expected to create artificial barriers. On the other hand, judging by the current state of affairs, no one is going to interfere with anyone. The proof is SlotsMillion. This is the first project in the world to work entirely on VR, and at the same time, it has successfully received a Maltese license. True, in fairness, we note that this casino provides services without VR.

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