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What to remember before buying a wireless gaming headset

What to remember before buying a wireless gaming headset

Today, there are numerous types of headphones. They’re available in different shapes, designs, and colours. In fact, some are even customized to fit the shape of your ear. So, you can always choose something that complements your personal style.

However, there are tons of considerations you may want to make before buying your device. Follow the following tips and choose your ultimate gaming device. Alternatively, you can choose your gaming device from the Best Wireless Gaming Headsets in 2019 [Reviews & Guide] – HotRate.


When purchasing a wireless gaming headset, price is the first thing that comes into your mind, right? As much as you may want something inexpensive, it’s important to keep in mind that price depends on functionality. Compared to the corded ones, wireless headsets are quite costlier but their quality, reliability, and efficiency are outstanding. So, it’s up to you to choose what best gadget that suits your budget and personal needs.


Before purchasing a wireless gaming headset, it’s good to know your hardware’s VoIP specifications. Are you using an IP phone, a simple PC, or a VoIP adapter? Do you have USB ports, a sound card, plus the stereo audio jacks? Always ensure that you’ve support mechanisms for the underlying standard. For instance, your computer or mobile device needs to have Bluetooth support. You don’t want to purchase something only to realize that it isn’t compatible with your hardware.


When it comes to headsets, performance is extremely important. The quality and range of voice is something you should watch out for. Noise-canceling enhances quality in wireless headsets. So, be sure to purchase a gadget with these features to enjoy the best gaming experience. Moreover, some functionalities like readiness for Skype are a major plus.

Controls and Pairing

With a wireless headphone, you’re always required to control things such as volume, and play/pause using physical buttons located somewhere along the cord. Wireless headsets, however, are quite different.

Most of them come with controls on the earpieces while some feature touch controls. There are also certain designs that can be controlled by external applications or by voice.

The style and method of control are extremely important. Most manufacturers focus on style and forget about functionality. So it’s up to you to choose what best suits your personal needs. For instance, certain controls may not be convenient for the gym-goers, while others may be perfectly suited for that cause.

You should also determine if the wireless gaming headset you’re about to purchase can be configured to an external device. Most of them use Bluetooth or an external speaker to pair up with your mobile phone. But some features the NFC functionality while others combine both technologies.


Settle for a headset that has got all the features you need. Plus, you need to decide if you need a DECT or Bluetooth supported gadget. As compared to Bluetooth ones, DECT headsets are quite cheaper and work in extensive ranges. Bluetooth operates within a short range (that’s within a room), but comes with an added advantage- it can be paired with a mobile phone.


Previously, gaming headsets were really bulky and very cumbersome to carry around. You’d literally need to pack everything up in a suitcase when leaving for the office, going for business meetings or traveling for holiday.

But today’s wireless headsets offer better mobility- thanks to technology. So, when making your next purchase, you may want to seriously consider this aspect.

Stereo or Surround?

Just like graphics and gameplay, sound plays a significant role in everyone’s gaming experience. It’s what you can leverage to beat your competitors. So, you need to seriously consider this aspect when buying your headset.

Surround headphones are often designed with multiple drivers in both ear pads. These multiple channels offer a truly immersive experience. When it comes to FPS games where it’s crucial to know your enemy’s position, surround sound is extremely important.

If you’re only after enjoying the story, a stereo headset could be a better option for you.

Type of Mic

Most wireless gaming headsets come with a built-in mic, which is always omnidirectional. The mic picks most of the sounds within your surrounding bringing in a cool experience.

Unidirectional microphones usually focus on your voice, so the ambient noise would easily interfere with your performance during the play.


What makes your headphone more attractive is the fancy LED (light emitting diode) lights that you incorporate into your device. Go on and light it up like a pro. Be the envy of your gaming buddies with a wireless headset that lights up in various neon colors.

Nothing feels good like having versatile headphone- you can use it to do several things. Aside from playing games, use them whenever you’re expecting a phone call or when listening to music.

Battery Life

Most wireless headsets have batteries that last a few hours. So, if you need longer battery life, you’ll need to conduct some in-depth research. Think about charging time. In case you forget to plug your gadget in after work, then you won’t be able to utilize them the following day.

Though you can use some wireless gaming headsets while they’re charging, they won’t be wireless anymore. All their convenience plus portable advantages won’t be of any value anymore.

After Sales

You definitely want to make sure that the company offers proper after sales support. This is particularly important if you’re investing huge amounts of money on the headset. Look for trusted brands and thoroughly check their reviews before making any purchases.

Extra Features

When buying a wireless gaming headset, there are certain features you may want to look out for. These include voice recognition, sound balance, pivoting ear cushions, audio adjustments, as well as boom flexibility.

Final Thoughts

With this information at your fingertips, shopping around for your wireless gaming headset should be easier than never before! This comprehensive checklist is definitely going to help you land the best gaming headset on the market. All you need is to be keen enough, otherwise, you may end up buying the wrong device. Remember to consider factors such as comfort, durability, and functionality.

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