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When to replace dirt bike tires

Dirt bikes

Tiers in the dirt bikes are most frequently changed part.  Depending upon the types of terrain, riders often swap the bike tires.

But the major reason for that tires need to be changed is worn out.  It is important for a rider to know if his bike tiers are worn out.

When you put on new cruiser tires, you want to be confident they will last for as long as possible. You want to get the most bangs for your buck, and that involves knowing when your tires have run their course. Keep an eye out for these signs it is time to look into new replacement bike tires.

Look for Signs of Wear and Tear 

Every so often, you should examine your tires to see if you can spot obvious signs of damage.  The other damage in your bike is not very easy to estimate and repair it. But when it is about the tiers, you can surely find out if this should be replaced or not. Let’s look for the signs that tell it is the time.

  • Balding
  • Missing Lugs
  • Sidewall Deterioration
  • Discoloration


The first sign of worn tier is you will start notice the deterioration of lugs. It is commonly referred to as balding. As the more days passes and you ride the bike, the lugs will start to round off. The problem with the balding is your bike tier can no longer cut into the dirt. The friction of riding surface will be decreasing as the traction decreases with the loss of tier wall. There is threshold level of balding tier. But when you notice the lugs are rounded instead of being square, it is the time to replace them.

Missing Lugs

You can avoid till you can notice round lugs, But as they are coming off it is better to change the tiers. If the lugs are not visible due to tiers are worn, they do not just decrease the traction but also create some serious problem. The missing lugs in tier can create a hole on carcass causing the tiers becomes flats and possibility of falling apart. So it is simply better to change the tire, when you see the lugs are missing.

Sidewall Deterioration

This not something comes in the notice at the first time and even most of the riders do not put attention. But it is very important to keep the eye on tier sidewall. Due to the continuous flexing and impact on the sidewall of the tier, there may form a crack. And if a crack is not spotted at the right time, the tier may bust. You must not like your new rims get hurt and you face an injury. So you better replace the tier if such crack on sidewall appeared.

Discolouration or Aging

With age of tier the rubber gets hardened. When the tier unable to perform its normal action that is impact and flexing, then it will start to crack at the rough terrain. And now you know the consequence of cracks. You should also pay attention to the age of your tires. While the best street motorcycle tires can last for several years, you should pay attention to your tire’s warranty. It will give you a sense of how long it should last for. In the event something does happen before the warranty expires, you should see if you can get it replaced at no extra charge to you. 

Look for Non-Obvious Signs of Damage 

You also want to run your hand across the tire to determine if it has any damage you cannot see. Over time, all tires harden due to age. Additionally, if you leave them out in the sun for extended periods of time, then the rubber will harden more quickly than usual.

You also need to be wary of bald spots. This is a sign the tread is beginning to wear down, so you will not have as much traction as you need on the road. This is particularly dangerous if you drive over any water.

Most motorcycle riders maintain their bike by replacing tires once every few years. You may want to consider replacing your tires even if nothing is wrong with them so that you can circumvent any issues before they arise. Order new tires online when it is time for a change.

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